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Steinel CAS System-Compatible 18V Cordless Heat Guns

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The Steinel MobileHeat MH3 is an 18V cordless heat gun with 600W output and dual temperature settings.

It can be set to 570° or 930° F, and deliver airflow up to 7 cfm.

The heat-up time, from “0 to 570°F” takes just 5 seconds, and the included 8Ah battery is good for “up to 200 shrinkings of any type” on a full charge.

Steinel is known for their heat guns and related equipment.

The MH3 heat gun also features a built-in rubber backend, for resting it back on flat surfaces, an LCD display, hanging ring, LED work light, and is compatible with “standard” push-on nozzle attachments.

What surprised me about this is that it’s inherently compatible with the CAS 18V cordless power tool system.

The CAS 18V system is a cordless alliance powered by Metabo’s 18V battery form factor.

While previously available in Europe, this is the first example of CAS system tools that I’ve seen, at least outside of Metabo’s own branded tools, batteries, and chargers.

According to Steinel’s product marketing language, the CAS system has – at least as of when the MH3 materials were put together – includes more than 200 tools from more than 16 manufacturers.

Price: $573 for the 8Ah kit

NOTE: The product images show the battery charger with a European style plug. I would assume that, as the kits are sold by and shipped by Amazon, that they would come with USA-compatible chargers.

Supporting documentation cites Steinel America Inc, and so the kits appear to be packaged for the USA market, rather than direct imports.

Steinel MH5 CAS 18V Cordless Heat Gun Kit

Steinel has another model, the MH5, with higher power (1000W), broader temperature range (120-930°F), faster heat-up time (4 seconds), greater airflow (10.5 cfm) and LCD display.

Price: $650 for the 8Ah kit


The Steinel cordless heat gun has a decent feature set, although the price is higher than much of the competition from other cordless power tool brands.

The highlight here – for me – is the CAS 18V cordless power tool system compatibility.

For me, this is the first CAS (Cordless Alliance System) 18V power tool to make landfall in the USA.

We haven’t seen much from Bosch AmpShare either.

Things can get very interesting really quickly, but probably won’t. Still, the (new?) Steinel cordless heat gun seemed to be worth a quick look.