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5 Ways to Use DeWalt’s ToughSystem Adapter Plate

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The DeWALT ToughSystem 2.0 Adapter Plate, model DWST08017, is a straightforward and highly versatile accessory that you can add to any full-width ToughSystem tool boxes or organizers.

It bridges the gap between different DeWALT storage products, allowing for easier transport of multiple components that otherwise wouldn’t latch to ToughSystem storage products.

DeWALT is a ToolGuyd sponsor and sent over a test sample along with a couple of storage products and accessories to use it with.

Shown above is the top way I’ve been using it so far – to attached a TStak drawered tool box to a ToughSystem rolling tool box stack.

I just bought more ToughSystem 2.0 2- and 3-drawer tool boxes, but the TStak drawer units have very different appeal. TStak 1- and 2-drawer tool boxes – with the 2-drawer being my favorite – are much smaller than ToughSystem tool boxes, and also have top handles.

The adapter makes it easy to connect a TStak tool box to compatible ToughSystem 2.0 tool boxes.

Dewalt ToughSystem Adapter Plate Features

But, that’s just part of their utility.

The double-sided adapter plate is also compatible with DeWALT’s Professional organizers, as well as their ToughCase accessory set cases.

Dewalt ToughSystem Adapter Plate with Pro Organizer

I can remove my TStak tool box, flip the adapter plate, and connect any of my DeWALT Professional organizers.

I lost count as to how many DeWALT Pro organizers I have, but I can tell you that I bought 2 more this holiday season. While I haven’t needed to attach them to a ToughSystem stack yet, I could, and without having to buy a separate adapter.

Dewalt ToughSystem Adapter Plate with Open ToughCase Accessory Sets

The adapter plate also fits Dewalt ToughCase accessory cases, and I have a lot of those too, in small, medium, and large sizes.

Dewalt ToughSystem Adapter Plate with ToughCase Accessory Sets

DeWALT’s product imagery unintentionally shows a way that I’ve started to use the adapter plate – as a portable tote for multiple power tool accessory sets.

I had been using my large ToughCase bit sets as carriers for small and medium-sized accessory sets.

But I realized something – the adapter plate fits multiple cases AND it has a carrying handle.

I found this to be a convenient way to use it.

Dewalt ToughSystem Adapter Plate with Drill Hanging from Belt Clip

Lastly, it has slots for use with the belt clips found on DeWALT cordless drills and impact drivers.

Dewalt ToughSystem Tstak Organizer ToughCase Adapter DWST08017 on Rolling Tool Box

The adapter was designed to help reduce the number of trips needed to haul a bunch of different DeWALT storage products to the jobsite or work area.

It hasn’t completely changed how I move my tool boxes around, but it has made things easier and I’ve been dropping things less.

Not counting product samples that DeWALT sent my way, I purchased and own quite a few ToughSystem tool boxes, Pro organizers, and ToughCase accessory cases and organizers. The adapter plate makes it easier to mix and match supplies for a project.

To sum it up, you can use it to:

i) Connect TStak products to a ToughSystem tower
ii) Connect Pro organizers to a ToughSystem tower
iii) Connect ToughCase sets to a ToughSystem tower
iv) Carry ToughCases to your work area
v) Dock your cordless drill or impact

Price: $24.97

You can find the DeWALT DWST08017 adapter plate at Home Depot and most other retailers that carry ToughSystem 2.0 storage products.

Dewalt – a ToolGuyd sponsor – provided the test sample I have been testing, and no you cannot have it. I plan to continue testing it for a very, very long time.