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Ryobi 18V Cordless Heat Gun P3150

Ryobi’s 18V One+ Lineup Grows With the Addition of a Heat Gun

Heat guns have tons of applications, ranging from DIY household repairs to professional jobsite uses. Ryobi is venturing into the full-sized heat gun market with its newest entry to the lineup. We’re looking at the Ryobi 18V Heat Gun (P3150) to see what it has to offer and what it can bring to your projects.

Ryobi 18V Heat Gun Overview

  • Model: Ryobi P3150
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 6.5 x 3.2 x 8.3 inches
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds (bare)
  • Max temperature: 875°F
  • Max airflow: 6 CFM
  • 10-second heat-up time
  • Includes two nozzles
  • Safety lock switch
  • LED work light
  • Powered by any Ryobi 18V battery

The Ryobi P3150 heat gun reaches a maximum temperature of 875°F and reaches an operational temperature in just 10 seconds. It has a maximum airflow volume of 6 CFM.

This tool includes two nozzles— a deflector nozzle and a concentrator nozzle— for a variety of heating applications. The deflector nozzle helps increase productivity when shrink tubing or pipe thawing, while the concentrator nozzle intensifies heat at the directed area.

As part of Ryobi’s 18V One+ system, you also can power this heat gun using any Ryobi 18V battery.

Finally, the P3150 features an LED work light for better visibility and a safety lock switch to prevent accidental trigger engagement.

Heat Gun Vs Heat Pen – Which is Best for Me?

Compared to Ryobi’s 18V Heat Pen, the P3150 heat gun reaches a higher maximum temperature by about 125°F. There are some important aspects to consider between the two tools, however.

For starters, the P3150 features a handheld, drill-like design that’s ideal for projects where a portable tool is required. This can range from adhesive and paint removal to DIY home repair projects. While Ryobi’s heat pen can complete similar tasks, its design makes it better suited for stationary jobs.

Meanwhile, the heat pen has two heat modes, while the heat gun only has one. Both tools include two nozzles that help you disperse heat in various ways, but only the heat pen features onboard nozzle storage.

Considering all of these differences, it’s up to you to decide which tool is best suited for your projects.

Ryobi 18V Heat Gun ((this model) Left); Ryobi 18V Heat Pen (Right)

Ryobi 18V Heat Gun Price

The P3150 heat gun retails for $79 as a bare tool. We’re not seeing any kit options at the time of writing. Ryobi backs your purchase with a 3-year warranty.