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Flex is Launching a Cordless Table Saw with CutSense Tech

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Flex is expanding their 24V Max cordless power tools with 2 new table saws – a 10″ model, and one with an 8-1/4″ blade.

Let’s start with the CutSense tech that’s built into the larger Flex cordless table saw.

No – it’s not what you think, and I thought the same thing too.

Flex CutSense is a productivity feature and NOT a flesh-detection blade brake or safety feature.

Flex 10″ Cordless Table Saw with CutSense (FX7221-Z)

Flex Cordless Table Saw FX7221-Z

Flex says that their new 10″ cordless table saw with CutSense will stop the blade after material is cut and passed through – for “better runtime and productivity.”

We have seen similar sensing tech on other cordless power tools before. It’s my guess that Flex CutSense detects the drop in motor load and dials down the RPMs accordingly.

If the tool is still spinning but slower – or idle, Flex didn’t clarify – this will prolong battery life.

It’s like taking a breather and jogging in place instead of at full speed and effort for the sake of longer endurance.

The new Flex cordless table saw also features an “industry-leading cut capacity” that can cut 4×4 construction lumber material in a single pass.

This 10″ model also features a rack and pinion fence, front-mounted LED battery life indicator, LED work light on the fence, and an AC adapter.

Additional imagery is not available at this time, but it looks like the AC adapter could be built-in. Flex says it’s “[available] as needed for extended cutting sessions.”

Flex 8-1/4″ Cordless Table Saw (FX7211-Z)

Flex Cordless Table Saw FX7211-Z

The new Flex 8-1/4″ cordless table saw is a little different.

It also features a rack and pinion fence, LED fence light, and front-facing battery gauge.

Flex says that this model features “best-in-class rip capacity,” with 20.5″ clearance to the left of the blade, and 25″ clearance to the right of the blade.

The 8-1/4″ Flex table saw also has an AC adapter (option?) and a side extension table that’s responsibly for providing the added rip capacity clearance.

This model is not advertised as having the CutSense feature, and so that tech is likely reserved for just the 10″ saw.

Pricing and availability details are not yet available.

I would assume that these will be launching at Lowe’s stores, and maybe Flex’s independent suppliers as well.


Flex emphasizes that: Please note that the CUTSENSE feature on the 10” saw is for productivity NOT safety, and it’s worth repeating here.

This might be an unpopular opinion, but I always toggle jobsite tables – any table saws – to the off position when idle, unless I’m continuously making rip or cross cuts.

For my use, I don’t know if CutSense is practical, but it seems good to have, as long as the response time is fast enough.

When buying my last car, I specifically avoided brands and models that stop and start when idle, such as at stop signs. Instead, I went with a model that shifts down from V6 to V4 when additional power isn’t needed.

It will be interesting to see how exactly the Flex CutSense feature works.

I think the feature name will be ridiculed along with the likes of Bosch FREAK and Leatherman FREE, but that’s just me. Flex tends to be on top of things, and will hopefully minimize this in marketing materials.

LED fence worklights? That sounds neat, as long as it doesn’t interfere with rip cuts of thicker boards.

It’s not clear from the images provided – but keep in mind this is just a teaser – whether the 8-1/4″ saw’s extension table can also be used on the 10″ saw. I would guess it attaches to left or right sides of the 8-1/4″, and then folds flat before stowing away for storage or transport.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but is Flex the first brand to have 2 sizes of cordless table saws? Most brands went with a 8-1/4″ size, with only Metabo HPT introducing a 10″ cordless table saw. HPT has a MultiVolt AC adapter as an optional add-on.

Flex gave an ETA of early 2024.

Here’s a look at Flex’s cordless table saw competition: