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Home Depot Gave an Innovation Award Badge to Makita XGT Tools

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Home Depot has been advertising Makita XGT cordless power tools as 2023 Innovation Award Finalists.

I was looking at the Makita XGT cordless air compressor, and it’s “out of stock” at Home Depot – both the tool-only and the kit.

Did Home Depot ever sell this? It seems that ALL Makita XGT products now have the same “Innovation Award” badge in Home Depot’s online store.

It’s not available online and definitely not in stores.

I asked Makita USA if they can share any insights as to why the XGT air compressor isn’t stocked at Home Depot despite being listed as an “innovation award finalist,” but they never answered.

The air compressor is priced at $399 for just the tool, and $559 for the 1-battery kit.

I looked into Home Depot’s 2023 Innovation Awards and found a press release:

Makita XGT is listed as a finalist, for its “high marks in product innovation”:

Makita XGT 40V line of 40V power tools offers powerful battery-powered Pro-grade tools. The 40V tools bring the power of gas to jobsites in a cordless platform.

The line launched in the USA in mid-2021. So why is it getting Innovation Award “finalist” status in 2023? And it’s an all-inclusive accolade that also applies to products Home Depot isn’t selling in stores or online (yet)? The compressor has been out for a couple of months.

Other retailers have the air compressor for $414, and the kit for $619. Home Depot’s prices of $399 and $559 are better, but it’s moot if they don’t have any products to sell. Maybe these prices are from a price increase or two ago.

Dewalt’s 20V Max FlexVolt Advantage air compressor is currently my favorite, and Milwaukee’s M18 Fuel isn’t far behind. There’s also the Metabo HPT MultiVolt, which is compatible with a plug-in adapter.

Makita’s XGT model is supposed to be quiet, although not as quiet as their similar corded model, which is why I wanted to take a closer look.

I can understand Home Depot not selling the Makita XGT cordless air compressor in stores, but why aren’t they available online?

Home Depot likes the XGT line enough to give them “Innovation Award Finalist” badges across the entire system of products, but not enough to carry everything?