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Craftsman Parts Retrieval Tool Kit

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There comes a time when everyone drops a machine screw, nut, washer, or other such part, and a single thought flashes through their mind – where did it go?!

The very next thought is usually how am I going to get it?

Parts retrieval tools can help with that.

This Craftsman 3pc set, CMMT98276, comes with an extending mirror, extending magnetic pickup tool, and long flexible claw tool.

Maybe you’ll need the claw, maybe you’ll need the mirror, maybe you’ll need the extending magnet. Chances are, you’ll use them all at some point.

I use tools like these on occasion in my home and workshop. Mine – older Craftsman-branded tools, are still going strong.

$10 for the 3pc set seems like a great deal.

Price: $9.98

P.S. Get some Craftsman magnetic trays, and maybe you’ll lose less parts.

Parts retrieval tools are definitely “good to have before you need them!” types of products.

$10 for the 3pc set is hard to pass up. In the process of writing this post, I got to the price and ordered a set for myself.

I didn’t really need another flexible claw grabber, but my extending magnetic pickup tool sometimes travels between different workshops and work areas, and doesn’t always find its way back to my tool box each time.

I’ve also been looking around for my extending round mirror. I have an extending narrow oval mirror, but it’s not as good. I also convinced myself that, just in case I find my old one and have two, it’ll also be useful in the home for peeking behind electronics or under cabinets.