The Langmuir MR-1 is a Different Kind of CNC Mill

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About a year ago, Langmuir Systems introduced a new CNC milling machine that’s advertised as being “designed for industry, priced for the hobbyist, and simplified for education.”

The Langmuir MR-1 is a $4500 gantry-style mill designed for cutting metal.

It’s like a CNC router, but is advertised as being rigid enough to cut aluminum, steel, titanium, and stainless steel, “all while maintaining excellent finishes and accuracy.”

The mill features a 3.4 HP spindle that operates at 0 to 8000 RPM, and can run “larger diameter cutters such as face mills, fly cutters, boring bars, and drills up to 1/2-inch.”

Langmuir also says that the mill can exert over 135 lbs of cutting force at 100 inches per minute (100 IPM) in any direction. The material removal rates are said to be up to 10 cubic inches of aluminum per minute, or 3 cubic inches of steel.

The Langmuir MR-1 isn’t quite “plug and play.”

Langmuir MR-1 Gantry CNC Milling Machine Concrete Base

When first setting up the mill in your workshop, you have to mix a couple of bags of cement to fill the base with. This plays a big part in contributing to the system’s weight and rigidity.

Langmuir also sells an epoxy sealant kit as a recommended finishing option.

Here are the system and components at the time of this posting (December 2023):

  • Base CNC Mill/Router: $4495
  • Control PC with Touchscreen: $750
  • Enclosure: $600
  • Flood Coolant System: $300
  • Leveling Feet: $80
  • Computer Stand: $100
  • Full Assembly Service: $2496
  • High Powered Drive Motor Upgrade: $100 each (you would need 1 for x-axis, 2 for y-axis)

The full assembly service is optional. If you consider the base machine with control PC, enclosure, flood coolant system, and leveling feet, that’s over $6200, not including freight or cement.

I’m seeing a quote of $711 for shipping to a residential address with liftgate service, for just the base machine – and not the pre-assembled turnkey setup.

Work holding is extra:

  • Low Profile Modular Vise – $390 each
  • Toe Clamp Kit – $100
  • Modular Vise Clamp Set – $60 each
  • Baseplate Threaded Plugs – $20
  • Modular Vise Parallels Set – $50

You’ll likely want a probe:

  • Electronic Touch Probe: $150
  • Automatic Tool Setter: $160
  • Bundle: $280

They also have a flood coolant relay box, flood coolant, marine epoxy kit for sealing the concrete with a self-leveling finish, and wireless jog pendant.

And, don’t forget to get some end mills, either from Langmuir or elsewhere.

The MR-1 looks to be an interesting system. Feedback from early adopters seems to be optimistic so far.

Here’s a promo video showing the MR-1 in action:

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