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Don’t be Duped by Fake Home Depot Scam Sites

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Shown here is a screenshot from an online store designed to look like Home Depot’s. But it’s not Home Depot, it’s a SCAM.

A reader question came in, and I wanted to check the specs on the Dewalt ToughSystem 2-drawer tool box. So, I popped the model number into Google for a quick search.

Fake Home Depot Store Google Ad December 2023

At the top, one of the ad listings caught my attention, where they were showing the 3-drawer tool box for $39.

$39?! $139 is plausible, $39 seems unreal. I just bought a couple at much higher pricing – $39 sounds great! So I clicked through.

Fake Home Depot Store Dewalt ToughSystem Deal December 2023

I am on Home Depot’s website practically every day. This isn’t real.

Fake Home Depot Store Milwaukee Tool Deals December 2023

Looking around a bit more, they have Milwaukee MX Fuel products listed for under $50. That’s off by two orders of magnitude.

When you see something like this, just close the page.

There are countless impersonation sites these days. Be careful!