Someone Asked for a Locking Adjustable Wrench?

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The Amazon Basics locking adjustable wrench is part adjustable wrench, part locking pliers.

Amazon’s not the first to make a tool like this, and they won’t be the last.

According to Amazon, their locking adjustable wrench is “ideal for auto repair, general assembly, maintenance, plumbing, and more.”

It’s a 10″ wrench with a max clamping diameter of 1.25″.

Amazon Basics Locking Adjustable Wrench Turning Plumbing Fixture

I could kind of almost see it being useful.

Crescent Locking Adjustable Wrench

Crescent also has a locking adjustable wrench, and Amazon’s version makes the Crescent look more appealing, even with its higher price tag.

Crescent Locking Adjustable Wrench Gripping Bolt

The Crescent is advertised as delivering “2x gripping power on rounded fasteners,” and features an anti-slip grooved jaw to help make that happen.

I think the Crescent might be more effective, but I would be hesitant to use it on delicate materials.

To be frank, I would be hesitant to use either tool on anything, but I’ve never given them a chance and aren’t likely to. I’ve tried my fair share of gimmicky tools, and I think I’m done.

Let me know what you think – do these tools have a spot on your tool box? Are they problem solvers?

Channellock 10-inch Adjustable Wrench with Chrome Finish

If you want a good adjustable wrench, I can sing praise for Channellock’s made-in-Spain wrenches all day and every day. They’re awesome.

This isn’t the best that Channellock offers, but it’s a good price for a solid 10″ wrench.

New Crescent Locking Adjustable Wrench – here’s my launch post from when the Crescent first came out in October 2016. Reading back that post, I was a bit more optimistic 7 years ago.

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