Wiha Put their Name on New Adjustable Wrenches

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Wiha has quietly launched new adjustable wrenches that are – if you look closely – labeled as being made in Spain.

According to Amazon, they started carrying these wrenches over the summer. I only noticed them now because Amazon has the 3pc set on sale for around $70.

Wiha Adjustable Wrenches 3pc Set

Wiha adjustable wrenches are available in a range of sizes, from 8″ up to 12″. They have SAE markings on one face, and metric on the other.

If you’re thinking that these wrenches look familiar – you’re right.

Channellock vs Wiha Adjustable Wrenches

The new Wiha adjustable wrenches look nearly identical to Channellock’s made-in-Spain adjustable wrenches, which are widely presumed to be made by Irega.

Wiha’s prices aren’t bad, but unless they offer something different, I see no reason to buy them over Channellock’s lower prices.

For example, Amazon has the Wiha 10″ wrench for $29.98 at the time of this posting, and Channellock’s is priced at $25.09. Plus, Channellock has different surface finish options, and their WideAzz wrenches with cushion-grip Code Blue handles.

The Channellock chrome finish 10″ wrench is $22.63.

I think it’s good for Wiha to put their name on more tools, but in this case I don’t see why anyone should buy what look to be the same exact tools for higher prices. Hopefully Wiha’s prices come down a bit.

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