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CMT Orange Tools 7 1/4-inch Zero Gravity Framing Blade

The CMT Zero Gravity Framing Blades were designed with some new and innovative features, aiming to surpass the performance of many top-selling circular saw blades. With quite a few unusual design notes, we’re looking at these blades to see if they should be on your radar for professional framing jobs.

CMT 7 1/4-inch Zero Gravity Framing Blade Design

One of the first things we noticed about these blades is their low-mass plate design. Like the CMT 007 License to Cut Demo Blades, this design minimizes heat and boosts cutting efficiency by reducing the overall mass of the blade. They also resist bending and warping during use, leading to more efficient and better-quality cuts.

This saw blade also features a unique tooth geometry designed to handle impacts with nails. In fact, CMT tells us the framing blades perform up to 5X more cuts on nail-embedded wood than competitors in its class.

The larger gullets on these blades also play a part in cutting performance. They store chips while you work and eject them as the blade rotation stops, leading to reduced cutting effort and better tracking.

As for the distinctive orange color, there’s a reason for that too. It’s the brand’s proprietary PTFE coating that reduces friction and prevents overheating when the blade comes in contact with wood, further extending the lifetime of the blade.

The CMT Orange Zero Gravity framing blades will be available in sizes 6 1/2-inch and 7 1/4-inch.

CMT Orange 7 1/4-inch Zero Gravity Framing Blade Price

Upon their retail release, these framing blades will retail for $9.97. You can find them at your favorite CMT Orange Tools retailer.