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New Hilti Cordless Miter Saw – Teaser

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Hilti shared some details about their new Nuron battery-powered miter saw, model SM 60-22.

The new Hilti cordless miter saw is a dual bevel 12″ slider that works with the brand’s Nuron 22V batteries.

The Hilti Nuron miter saw is a front-slider, which means it’s designed with a forward-sliding rail, allowing it to be placed flush to the wall – or at least very close to it. Hilti adds that bevel adjustments can be made from the front of the saw, rather than requiring users to reach all the way to the back.

Hilti also says that their new Nuron cordless miter saw can make “up to 50% more cuts than comparable saws on the market.” It can make almost 500 cuts in 3.5″ x 1.5″ soft wood – 2×4 construction lumber – with a single 12Ah battery charge.

Users can expect to see up to 90% dust collection efficiency when attaching a Hilti vacuum or extractor.

Additional features include an LED shadow light, speed control dial, and easy-reach arm and fence adjustments.

Key Specs

  • 12″ blade diameter
  • Up to 4″ cutting depth
  • Up to 14″ cutting width
  • 4.94″ back fence height
  • Weighs ~59.5 lbs

Hilti will be offering 2 blades, a universal wood and aluminum-cutting blade, and a fine wood-cutting blade.

Hilti Cordless Miter Saw Nuron SM 60-22 with Folding Stand

The Hilti SM 60-22 miter saw will be launched alongside a saw stand that can extend up to 8 feet for workpiece support.

ETA: 2024
Price: TBA


Hilti is well-known for their masonry tools, and so it’s definitely interesting to see them working on new wood and metal-cutting solutions.

The “universal blade” is interesting as well. I typically use different blades for cutting specific materials, such as an ATB style blade profile for cutting wood, and a TCG style blade for cutting aluminum and other non-ferrous materials.

What’s different about Hilti’s “universal” blade that makes it suited for cutting both wood and aluminum?

I’m thinking that the new Hilti cordless miter saw was designed primarily for cutting wood, but can also cut light aluminum in a pinch. Users might still want to change blades for cutting aluminum, or switch to a metal-cutting chop saw with the appropriate blade.

There are other cordless sliding miter saws already on the market today, such as Metabo HPT’s MultiVolt, that have a front-rail design that doesn’t require a lot of rear clearance. Still, it’s good to see more options with this feature.

What do you think of the new Hilti Nuron cordless miter saw? Would this lure you to the Nuron 22V cordless power tool system?