Problems with Festool’s New Cordless Table Saw

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The new Festool CSC SYS 50 cordless table saw has been out for a couple of months now, and we’ve heard about some problems with it.

The most common complaint so far has been about alignment issues, which one wouldn’t expect to see on a Festool product, let alone what’s supposed to be a high-precision saw

Early adopters have been complaining that the table saw’s table, sliding table, and extension table are not aligned or coplaner out of the box, requiring users to fix and adjust the tools themselves.

Some users have taken to fixing the sliding table alignment with playing cards or other types of shims.

One user shimmed their saw and then reported the table saw’s blade angle didn’t match the settings at 45°.

A ToolGuyd reader reported a different kind of problem. Mike shared that, after shimming his Festool cordless table saw’s sliding table to compensate for its out-of-the-box tilt issue, he discovered that the very center of the table saw isn’t flat.

So, in addition to being tilted out of the box, the table’s cupped.

Mike says that Festool customer service responded, and said that the extruded table is intentionally cupped.

Looking online to see if anyone else has reported this, I found one other user saying that their table is slightly deformed upwards around the blade opening.

We reached out to Festool USA and asked them to comment about the issues, if they will be fixed on future production batches, and if all users should expect to have to shim the table. We also requested a loaner to check out the problems firsthand.

We gave them a full business day to respond and were told they are working on a statement.

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