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Lowe’s Restocked the Kobalt Mini Tool Box in 4 Colors

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The Kobalt mini tool box is once again available online at Lowe’s, after only being sold in-store-only for a couple of weeks.

This is a compact tool box that can be used to hold all kinds of stuff. It has 2 friction-glide drawers and a top lid compartment.

Is it superbly made? No. But, it’s decent for $20.

I passed on buying one the first time I saw these tool boxes Lowe’s, but didn’t make the same mistake when I saw them again few weeks ago.

Kobalt Mini Metal Tool Box Color Options

There are 7 color options – grey, black, white, blue, pink, green, and red.

At this time, the blue, black, and pink are out of stock for my zip code. All of the other colors are available.

Basically, it’s now available in the colors that weren’t available at stores for Black Friday. The only exception is white, which was stocked in stores as well. Black and blue boxes might still be available at Lowe’s stores, but probably not as they were a Black Friday doorbuster promo.

It looks like Lowe’s will only ship these mini tool boxes for a $79 fee and $79 minimum order amount. I couldn’t tell you why – these are small and light tool boxes, not the larger ones that require freight delivery charges.

Ship-to-store is free.

Price: $19.98