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Home Depot Pulled the Plug on their Best Ryobi Tool Deal

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Home Depot’s best Ryobi cordless power tool ended early, at least online.

With this deal, you purchase a Ryobi 18V starter kit with 2 batteries and a charger for $99, and choose a free tool from a small selection.

The deal was scheduled to last through the end of January, 2024.

Ryobi 18V Free Cordless Power Tool Promos 2023

Earlier today, I saw that the deal is marked as sold out online.

More specifically, I went to check which free tool options were still available, and the entire Ryobi 18V cordless starter kit product page was gone.

Home Depot Online Store Page not Found Error Message

Removing the entire product page is not the way Home Depot typically responds to a product selling out online. Here’s the link so you can check for yourself – the Ryobi page has been completely erased!

Usually when a tool sells out online. Home Depot will still keep the page up to show in-store availability. That way, shoppers can still buy something for in-store pickup, or at least see which nearby store still has an item in stock and available for purchase.

They didn’t do that here.

Home Depot Holiday 2023 Ryobi Tool Deals at Start of December

I visited my local Home Depot store today, and they have displays full of Ryobi cordless power tools and accessories.

I wonder if Home Depot pulled the plug on the online deal and in-store inventory visibility to encourage shoppers to visit their local stores in person.

Home Depot Holiday 2023 Ryobi Free Tool Offers at Start of December

My store still has a bunch of the promo starter kits still on display.

So far, it seems that you can still get the deal in-store, even if it no longer exists on Home Depot’s website.

The next-best deal is still available online, where you buy a Ryobi 18V 2-tool combo kit for $199 and get two free tools.

Some of the better and higher valued free tool options are no longer available, but at this time there are still 7 options, 4 of which are HP series tools with brushless motors.