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This Masterforce 4-Tool Cordless Combo Kit is a Great Deal

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A reader (thanks Robert) tipped us off that this Masterforce Boost 20V brushless 4-tool cordless combo kit is on sale right now at Menards.

This combo kit comes with a heavy duty cordless drill/driver that delivers up to 800 in-lbs of torque, a 6-speed impact driver, one-handed reciprocating saw, and LED worklight with 2 brightness options/

The tools are kitted with 2x 2.5Ah batteries, a 90W BOOST charger, and a soft carrying bag.

Readers have been bringing up Masterforce tools for a long time now, and I recently received test samples for review consideration. (The company making these tools is a ToolGuyd sponsor.)

There’s a lot more to these tools than I had realized.

The drill included in this 4-tool kit, for example, features an “impulse drive function” that “helps to prevent bits from walking on material when drilling on hard surfaces.”

The impact driver has 6 speed settings, including an auto-stop function that helps to prevent damage to fasteners and materials. And, it has a ring-shaped worklight at the front. Those aren’t budget tool features.

Lots of cordless power tool combo kits come with an LED workight. How many come with 2 brightness levels?

Some of Menards’ Masterforce tools – definitely the combo kit discussed here – out-feature the competition. Not only that, they look to outperform them too, at least on paper.

The cordless drill delivers 800 in-lbs max torque, and the impact driver delivers 2000 in-lbs of max torque. As mentioned, the impact also has 6 speed settings.

I compared the Masterforce reciprocating saw specs to those of a pro brand’s similar too.

The Masterforce one-handed reciprocating saw has a 1″ stroke length and – according to the user manual – operates at 3100 SPM. A team-yellow compact brushless one-handed reciprocating saw has a 5/8″ stroke length and operates at up to 2800 SPM. For both stroke length and speed, higher values typically mean faster cutting performance and application speeds.

The combo kit is currently $199.99 through 12/3/2023 and eligible for an added $50 mail in rebate.

Once that rebate check in in your hand, you will have paid just $149.99 for this combo kit. You often have to spend a lot more to get similar from other tool brands.

I have not paid much attention to Masterforce tools over the years, simply because they were out of sight and thus out of mind, as I’m not close to any Menards store locations.

We’ll be talking more about Masterforce cordless power tools in the next two weeks. I’m liking the tools they sent over, and a new mixing drill also just arrived this week.

As for this deal, $150 after rebate seems like a great price for what you get – a brushless drill with 800 in-lbs max torque, 6-speed brushless impact driver with LED ring light and 2000 in-lbs max torque, one-handed brushless reciprocating saw, 2-mode LED worklight, 2x 2.5Ah batteries, charger, and tool bag.

How much would the same or similar tools cost from other cordless power tool brands right now? A lot more than what Menards is selling this kit for.

Price: $199.99 before $50 rebate or shipping

Shipping to my zip code is under $15, which seems fair.