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Last Call on Woodworking Parallel Clamp Deals – Cyber Monday 2023

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Parallel clamps are widely relied on by woodworkers for applying strong and even pressure to glue-ups.

They are superior to most other types to common woodworking clamps in nearly every way, but there’s a big downside – they’re expensive.

This time of year is the BEST type time to pick up your first parallel clamps, or add to your kit. We usually see strong discounts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and then that’s pretty much it for the year.

Look at the Bessey and Jet deals first. I’m a huge Bessey fan, but have heard food things about Jet over the years, although that could have changed recently.

Yes, I recently posted about some of these deals before Black Friday, but wanted to make sure everyone that was interested had a chance to get in on the deals while they’re still around.

Plus, one retailer doubled up on their discounts for Cyber Monday, whether intentional or not, warranting renewed attention to clamp promos in a broader sense.

Bessey Parallel Clamp Sale Rockler Black Friday 2023

Bessey K Body REVO Clamping Kit – $179.99 at Rockler w/ free shipping

This Bessey deal bundle gives you 2x 50″ and 2x 24″ clamps, plus 2x extenders. It’s a great price, especially taking into account the free shipping – it’s not cheap to ship 50″ clamps around the country.

Jet Parallel Clamp

JET Parallel Clamps – Buy One Get One FREE at Acme tools

Acme still has their BOGO deal on Jet clamps, although they sold out of the 24″ size already.

Bessey Parallel Clamp Head Closeup

Bessey Clamps – 15% off AND Cyber Monday Coupon at Acme Tools

This deal does not only apply to parallel clamps – it looks to apply to a wide range of Bessey clamps and accessories!

Acme has been offering a 15% discount on these clamps, but today’s CYBER “buy more, save more” coupon can save you even more money.

The deal includes parallel clamps, bar clamps, and more.

All of my Bessey purchases have been “buy it for life” types of products. They’re high quality clamps at proportionally high prices. Any and every opportunity to save money on them is much-appreciated.

I might take this opportunity to pick up a couple of smaller clamps.

Bora Parallel Clamp 4-Pack H2021 Deal

Bora Parallel Clamp 4pc Set – $109.99 at Acme Tools

If you’re tight on cash, this Bora set gives you 2x 24″ and 2x 31″ clamps at a more manageable price.

Jorgensen 35-inch Parallel Clamp 2-Pack

Jorgensen 24″ Parallel Clamp 2-Pack – $69.99 at Amazon
Jorgensen 30″ Parallel Clamp 2-Pack – $75.99 at Amazon
Jorgensen 36″ Parallel Clamp 2-Pack – $83.99 at Amazon

I haven’t tried these Jorgensen clamps yet, but recent user reviews seem to be positive.