Top 25 Tool Deals from Amazon’s Cyber Weekend Sale

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Black Friday is over, but Amazon’s tool deals aren’t. Here are 25 of the best buys we’re seeing right now.

A lot of these deals are only going to be valid for a limited time or while supplies last. It’s hard to know with Amazon. The prices might also fluctuate – the values I’ve listed were accurate at the time of this posting.

Check back through Cyber Monday – there are bound to be many more tool deals. Looking for something specific? Be sure to let me know and I’ll keep my eyes open.

Gerber Dime Mini Multi-Tool in Black

Gerber Dime Mini Multi-Tool – $20.89

The Dime is a keychain-sized multi-tool, and is quite handy for its size.

Gearwrench MicroDriver Tool Set with Black Case

Gearwrench MicroDriver Tool Set – $14.29

Almost everyone can use this compact tool set, especially when it’s priced this low. If not, maybe it’s a good gift idea?

Wiha Joker Large Ratcheting Wrench

Wiha Joker Large Ratcheting Wrench – $41.70

The large Joker fits fasteners 16 to 19mm, or from 5/8″ to 3/4″. It’s a great tool if it fits the size you need, and if not, they have a whole range of sizes.

I don’t use mine for everything, but when I do it’s hard to beat their speed.

Vampliers Pro Screw Removal Lineman Pliers

Vampliers Pro Screw Removal Lineman Pliers – $35.18

These are like side-cutting Lineman’s pliers, but with multi-functional jaws made for turning damaged fasteners and other stuff.

Gearwrench 3-Drawer Tool Box 83151

Gearwrench 3-Drawer Tool Box – $53

This is like the Lowe’s Kobalt mini tool box doorbuster, but larger, with better build quality, a locking top lid section, and a handle. Maybe it’s not like the Kobalt mini tool box after all.

Dewalt 20V Max XR Premium Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit DCS356D1

Dewalt 20V Max XR Premium Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit – $129

I’m going to keep reminding you of this excellent deal on Dewalt’s 20V Max XR brushless oscillating multi-tool kit deal. Why? Because as soon as it’s over – and it never lasts very long – I’ll get emails asking when it’s coming back. It won’t – this is usually a once-a-season type of deal.

There are season-long deals on the $99 promo kits, but this one is much better – you get the premium tool and 2Ah battery, rather than the single speed tool or 1.3Ah battery, plus more accessories and a depth adjustment guide that can be a hassle to purchase separately from replacement parts.

PIT Mini Tool Box With Tool Set in Red

PIT Mini Tool Box With Tool Set in Red – $46 after coupon

PIT mini tool boxes, which look a lot like the Snap-on ones, are on sale right now. With this bundle, you get the mini tool box plus a couple of neatly organized tools with it.

I think this kit is worth it just for the mini tool box and bit ratchet set. I’d toss some of the tools into a spares box and fill the drawers with other stuff. Or, the top chest-style boxes are $34-36 by themselves.

Dewalt 14pc Drill Bit Set DWA1184

Dewalt 14pc Drill Bit Set – $9.97

I’ll keep posting about this drill bit set for the same reason as the OMT set – it’s a really good by. Are you going to kick yourself a month or two from now for not having any of these bits on-hand? The entire kit pays for itself with just the 3/8″ or 1/2″ drill bits.

It’s a great buy, even if you just need specific drill bit sizes, toss the holders, and reuse the case.

Dewalt 21pc TiN Drill Bit Set DW1361

Dewalt 21pc TiN Drill Bit Set – $24.99

This is a more premium Dewalt drill bit set with more sizes, TiN coating, and Pilot Point bit tips on the larger sizes. The Pilot Point tips helps to reduce the need to drill pilot holes for certain applications.

The price is really good, in my opinion. I’ve got some worn and lost sizes in my Dewalt 29pc set, and might buy a 21pc set or two for spares.

I don’t use these bits for high-tolerance tasks, but they’re great for general purpose drilling.

Streamlight Microstream LED Flashlight in Black

Streamlight Microstream LED Flashlight – $12.54

Sure, of course you can use your $1000 smartphone as a bulky and awkward flashlight. But how are you going to find it when the lights go out?

The Microstream is a compact, high quality, and reliable flashlight that works with common AAA batteries. Get it while it’s on sale.

The Stylus PRO 2xAAA penlight is also on sale right now, for $14.32.

Bosch GLM100-23 Laser Distance Measuring Tool

Bosch GLM100-23 Laser Distance Measuring Tool – $39.98

Everyone needs a good laser distance measuring tool. I couldn’t resist and ordered one for myself, These are Bosch’s latest redesign, with new body shape, display, and user interface.

Bora 6-Tier Lumber Rack

Bora 6-Tier Lumber Rack – $36.99

This will help you finally get all of your lumber off the floor.

Mora Knife Craftline Knife in Red and Black

Mora Knife Craftline Knife – $11.49

Mora knives – made in Sweden – offer an excellent balance between utility and value. Everyone should have a fixed blade knife in their tool kit, especially at this price. They’re handy in the workshop and excel at outdoors tasks.

The Hultafors chisel knife is also on sale, for $7.49. The Mora chisel knife is considered to be better, but is twice the price right now, at $15.50.

Tekton 5pc Hook and Pick Set

Tekton 5pc Hook and Pick Set – $17

Do you need new hooks or picks? These USA-ones should do lots of little jobs. Even if you don’t need the full range, they sell for around $6 each, making the set a great value.

Metabo HPT Angle Grinder with Wheels and Case G12SR4

Metabo HPT Angle Grinder with Wheels and Case – $33.15

This angle grinder kit is always a good buy.

Craftsman Collapsible Magnetic Parts Tray 2-Pack

Craftsman Magnetic Tool Tray 2-Pack – $9.98

I couldn’t resist this deal either – I bought another pack for myself, and then another when it came back in stock.

Fluke 1AC-A1-II Non-Contact Voltage Tester

Fluke Non-Contact Voltage Tester – $23.99

Sooner or later, you’re going to need a non-contact voltage tester – make sure you have a good one. Fluke is one of the top brands in the industry.

While not the lowest price I’ve seen, the Fluke ST120+ GFCI socket tester is also on sale right now, for $14.97.

EZRed LED Neck Light

EZRED LED NeckLight – $16.99

I don’t use mine for everything, but won’t give it up. There are all kinds of fancy rechargeable neck lights out there right now, but this one works on common AA batteries.

I bought mine for a few dollars more two years ago, and for the price I don’t feel guilty about not using it everyday.

Dewalt ToughCase DWAN2190 Closed

Dewalt Medium ToughCase Organizer – $6.98

This isn’t a deal, but it’s a great bargain. Even if you don’t need one now, keep it in mind – this is an awesome accessory case.

Engineer PH-55 Scissors

Engineer Made-in-Japan Compact Scissors – $17.80

This is more of a gift idea than a Cyber weekend deal. But, I figured that if you’re looking for deals and discounts, it could be helpful to remind you about one of my top hand tool recommendations. These are awesome scissors – just be aware that they’re small.

Bosch 12pc Daredevil Spade Bit Set

Bosch 12pc Daredevil Spade Bit Set – $19.27 & eligible for added savings

How’s your spade drill bit set looking? A lot of times it’ll cost you less to buy a promo set than individual replacement sizes.

Skil Cordless Screwdriver SD561801

Skil Cordless Screwdriver w/ USB Charging – $15.99

This is a 4V cordless screwdriver for under $20 – what else needs to be said?

Mechanix Cold Weather Work Gloves

Mechanix Cold Weather Work Gloves – varies by size

I have had great experiences with Mechanix work gloves. I haven’t tried these cold weather gloves yet, but might get a pair while they’re still discounted.

Gearwrench 20pc Ratcheting Wrench Set 35720A

Gearwrench 20pc Ratcheting Wrench Set – $52.87

I prefer reversible ratcheting wrenches than zero-offset unidirectional ones like these, but the price makes this a great value for beginners looking to build up a mechanics tool set.

Irwin 8pc Forstner Drill Bit Set

Irwin 8pc Forstner Drill Bit Set – $25.48

Nothing beats Forstner drill bits for making clean holes in wood.

Kasa HS103P2 Smart Outlet 2-Pack

Kasa Smart Outlet 2-Pack – $12.49

This isn’t a tool deal, but I use these Kasa smart outlets in my home and workshop. Two for $12.49 is a great price. No hub is required, and they can be used with smart home devices and extension services.

The Kasa single outlet and double outlet outdoors smart plugs are also on sale right now.

Amazon has many more tool deals going on right now:

Retailers’ Black Friday and Holiday tool deals are still going strong:

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