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Olight Black Friday 2023 Flashlight Sale is Live

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Olight’s Black Friday 2023 sale is now live and will end at 11:59pm EST on 11/27/23.

Olight offers a wide range of EDC LED flashlights – most rechargeable, but some that work with AAA and AA cells.

Olight Baton 4 LED Flashlight Regal Blue

Olight sent over a Baton 4 LED flashlight in “regal blue” color for review. I’m still testing it and getting used to the new features, but so far it looks like I have a new favorite pocket light.

Olight Baton 4 LED Flashlight Color Options

The Baton 4 is available in 4 color options – “candy cane,” green, black, and blue.

Olight tuned the output a bit, and it’s still quite bright, delivering up to 1300 max lumens.

Olight Baton 3 vs 4 LED Flashlight Switch Differences

The power and mode selector switch is new – it’s made from stainless steel – and is surrounded by battery and brightness output indicator LEDs.

This is a welcome upgrade that brings the Baton 4’s features inline with some of Olight’s larger and more premium lights.

Olight Baton 4 LED Flashlight with Charging Case Color Options

The Premium Edition comes with a new charging case that has a bigger battery than the Baton 3’s, and it also has upgraded features.

The case recharges via USB-C and can recharge the Baton 4 up to 5 times.

It also has a power button that can activate the Baton 4 flashlight while it’s docked inside. I tested it with a Baton 3, and it can do the same.

Not only that, the case’s power button has a digital display that reads its current charge level.

The Baton 4 is $45.49 (candy cane is $49) by itself, or $70 with the charging case.

The Baton 4 also recharges via Olight’s magnetic tailcap charger (not included with the Premium bundle).

This is the third generation Baton flashlight I’ve tested, and it’s my favorite yet.

There are many other flashlights on sale right now. As usual, Olight has bundle savings, free gift tiers, and a free log-in gift for all users.