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Ridgid 18V Subcompact Brushless Barrel Grip Jigsaw

Ridgid Adds A Subcompact Brushless Barrel Grip Jigsaw To Their 18V Lineup

It’s pretty fair to say that most power tool brands offer a cordless jigsaw, but not as many offer a barrel grip option. This style is popular among professional woodworkers and craftsman because it offers an increased level of control when making precise cuts. We got our hands on the latest Ridgid 18V Brushless Barrel Grip Jigsaw to see what it has to offer.

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Ridgid Brushless Barrel Grip Jigsaw Performance

  • Max No-Load Speed: 3200 SPM
  • Stroke Length: 1 in.
  • Max Bevel: 45°
  • Collet: t-shank
  • Orbital Action: 4-mode
  • Motor: Brushless

Ridgid’s brushless barrel grip jigsaw has a total of seven speed modes ranging from 900 to 3,200 SPM. Modes 1 through 6 represent simple graduations in speed and the last is a load-sensing auto mode that provides a little more control. Additionally, this model has a 1-inch stroke length, allowing it to quickly and efficiently chew through material.

Orbital action dial

As we’ve seen on the Ridgid 18V D-handle cordless jigsaw, the Ridgid R86346 has four orbital action settings. Positioning the orbital action dial to a lower setting will result in a smoother finish, but a slower cut. A higher orbital setting produces faster cut speeds, but the finished product will be a little rougher. If you’re new to orbital action, here’s a quick guide to help you out:

Material Type Suggested TPI Speed Setting Orbital Setting
Counter Top, Laminate Board 10-12 (Down Stroke Blade) 3, 4 0
Thin Sheet Metal, conduit 14-24 6, A 0
Plastic and PVC 10-12 4-6, A 1
Scroll Cuts in Wood 10-12 4-6, A 0-1
Plywood, Decking, Hardwood 6-12 4-6, A 2
General Lumber and Soft Wood 6-10 4-6, A 3

When it comes to vibration, it’s right in line with what we expect from the more premium models. Due to the nature of the tool, you can’t eliminate it completely. However, we believe Ridgid did a great job of mitigating any excessive vibration.

Ridgid Brushless Barrel Grip Jigsaw Design Notes

Ridgid Brushless Barrel Grip Jigsaw
  • Model: Ridgid R86346
  • Power Source: Ridgid 18V battery
  • Weight: 4 lbs (bare), 5.5 lbs (with 4.0Ah Max Output battery)
  • Length: 11.1 in.
  • Height: 7.4 in.
  • Width: 3.3 in.
  • Dust Port: 1 1/4 – 1 7/8 in.

The Ridgid R86346 weighs in at an even 4 pounds as a bare tool and 5.5 pounds with the recommended 4.0Ah Max Output battery. It measures 11.1 inches from tip to tail and stands 7.4 inches tall. In fact, Ridgid tells us that this model is 20% more compact and 15% lighter than its D-handle counterpart.

For me, the focal point of this jigsaw is its exceptionally narrow barrel grip. It’s much smaller than many of the barrel grip saws we’ve tested in the past. The smaller design allowed me to completely wrap my fingers around the grip, which made me feel really in tune with the tool during our tests.

As we mentioned before, this saw has seven speed modes that you control with the dial on the back of the motor housing. In fact, Ridgid placed all the controls within reach of your fingers so you can make quick changes on the fly.


Looking at the shoe, most of the design elements have remained unchanged. It features an integrated dust port with a corresponding vacuum attachment, and the shoe bevels up to 45° left and right and has markings at common angles. The only real change is that the bevel adjustment is not tool free and requires the onboard hex wrench.

Additional Features

  • LED worklight
  • Integrated dust blower
  • Onboard blade storage
  • One-handed blade ejection

Ridgid Brushless Barrel Grip Jigsaw Price

This Ridgid 18V Jigsaw retails for $179 as a bare tool and comes with their Lifetime Service Agreement when registered within 90 days of purchase. Currently, there are no kit options available, but we expect they’ll hit the shelves in the coming months.

The Bottom Line

Overall, we think Ridgid hit the mark with the performance and design, especially for a barrel grip jigsaw. The cutting speed, vibration level, and feature set are right on par with what we expect from prosumer and entry-level professional models. If control and cut quality are high on your priority list, then the Ridgid brushless barrel grip jigsaw is right up your alley.