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New Tekton Modular Mechanics Tool Kits and Storage System

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Tekton has launched a new system of modular mechanics tool kits and storage products, featuring stacking drawers, custom foam inserts, and more.

Tekton Modular Tool and Storage System

The new Tekton system is based on and fully compatible with Bosch and Sortimo L-Boxx products.

Tekton Modular Tool Drawer Stack on Rolling Dolly

Tekton’s first wave of products features individual components for everything you see here, plus a 239pc mechanics tool set with 6 drawers, removable open-top tool box, and a grab-and-go top box with a 105pc SAE and metric socket set.

Tekton 239pc Mechanics Tool Set with Modular Stacking Tool Boxes

In typical Tekton fashion, the brand makes it crystal clear what you’re getting.

Tekton L-Boxx Tool Box Drawers Closeup

The drawers can be removed, allowing you to bring your tools and parts with you.

Or, roll everything over on the 4-wheel dolly.

Tekton Modular Tool Box Removable Drawer with Lid

There are two drawer insert options. Shown here is the covered drawer with a clear lid and basic latches.

Tekton Modular Tool Box Removable Open Drawer

There’s also an open drawer, which helps facilitate access to your tools.

Both drawers are sold separately.

Tekton Modular Tool Box Removable Drawer Unit

When building a custom tool kit, you can add as many drawers to a stack as you wish. The drawers and stacking drawer docks are sold separtely.

Tekton Modular Tool Storage Drawers with Foam Inserts

There are 5 tool sets to start – a 15pc inch combination wrench set, 19pc metric combination wrench set, 78pc bit driver and hex key set, 10pc high-torque screwdriver set, and a 12pc pliers set.

Tekton Modular Tool System Foam Tray Construction

Each tool kit comes with a custom-cut foam tray.

The foam has two layers – a 1/4″ top layer that is heat-laminated to a 1-1/2″ bottom layer. The contrasting colors make it easy to see if any tools are missing.

The tray inserts are made from closed-cell 1.9 lb/cubic foot density polyethylene foam.

Tekton Modular Tool Box Removable Drawer Organizer Insert

Tekton is also offering a couple of different parts tray options.

Tekton Modular Tool Box with Mechanics Tool Set in Foam Trays

This 105pc socket set is available separately and as part of the larger tool set shown above.

It features two foam inserts, with the top designed to be easily removed when you need to access a socket from the lower tray.

Tekton Modular Tool Box System Customizable Foam Tray

You can also buy empty L-Boxx tool boxes which can be fitted with parts trays (different from the one shown above or customizable foam.

Tekton’s foam, as shown here, is very different from the spongey foam that used to be available for customizing an L-Boxx tool box. The foam insert has 6 layers, each 15mm thick, that are aligned with foam studs. Hot glue or CA glue can be used for permanent attachment.

The foam can be cut with a knife, with guide marks making it easier to cut along 90° or 45° angles.

Tekton has full country of origin details on their website.

For the 239pc tool set:

Made in Taiwan: Sockets, accessories, ratchets, breaker bar, spinner handle blade, wrenches, L-keys, bits, bit rails, bit driver blade, cutting pliers, long nose pliers, lineman’s pliers, locking pliers, and mini pliers.

Made in USA: Drivers, spinner handle, bit driver handle, slip joint pliers, groove joint pliers, nut jaw pliers, and foam.

Made in Germany: Lid insert, open top drawers, and stacking tool box.

Made in Poland: Stacking drawer racks.


I was lamenting the other day, about how Bosch’s L-Boxx stacking drawers have become hard to find. Little did I know that Tekton was building a new modular tool kit system around them!

This seems like the perfect way to leverage the L-boxx drawer rack system!

If you want to build your own storage solution with empty tool boxes, racks, and drawers, I’d say that Tekton’s pricing seems reasonable, and even very good.

I checked a couple of L-Boxx SKUs, and found Tekton’s rack components to be comparably priced if not less expensive. There are some exceptions – the L-Boxx dolly is less expensive on Amazon.

Tekton L-Boxx Deep Open Tote

Tekton also has a deep open tote L-Boxx. I’m not familiar with this style.

Bosch L-Boxx Tool Box with 2 Drawers

It will be interesting to see how Tekton expands this line in the future. There are all kinds of convenient L-Boxx products, such as this tool box with 2 drawers, and accessories.

In my opinion, the L-Boxx is no longer competitive with modern modular tool box solutions for mobile use, but their drawer solution works very well for workshop needs.

Everything I’ve seen so far looks good. I’m excited about this, and also for what we haven’t seen yet.

There is huge potential for Tekton to expand this system. There’s already a world of L-Boxx accessories and integrations that are presently available, with two major downsides – cost and availability.

I also feel that this is a very clever approach. Tekton leveraged the best parts of an aging modular tool box system, and they did so in a way that makes it not only relevant again, but compelling.

Gedore Pliers Tool Set in L-Boxx Drawer

Need something Tekton doesn’t offer (yet)?

Tekton’s stacking racks can also fit Gedore’s L-Boxx-compatible drawers and trays.