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Bosch is Launching their First 18V Tabless Cordless Power Tool Battery

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Bosch announced a new ProCore 18V+ cordless power tool battery that’s engineered with tabless 21700 Li-ion cells.

The new Bosch ProCore 18V+ 8Ah battery is very similar to their existing 8Ah battery, but with upgraded battery cells.

Bosch 18V ProCore Plus Tabless Power Tool Battery 8Ah Tabless Cells Teardown

Bosch has strongly hinted that this is just the beginning, and that very soon we might see upgrades across their 18V battery platform, at least with respect their 21700-based cells.

Bosch 18V ProCore Plus Tabless Power Tool Battery 8Ah

Bosch has described the new battery as featuring a “revolutionary type of cell” that “delivers far more energy” than their current 21700-based batteries, and that the new battery pack will “redefine the high performance battery.”

The new battery pack is said to deliver the same ~90A max current and ~1500W max power output as the existing 8Ah battery, but can sustain the high power draw for longer.

Bosch 18V ProCore Tabbed vs Tabless Battery Technology Summary

Tabless Li-ion battery cells feature a new style of anode and cathode arrangement where there are a far greater number of pathways for current to take throughout the cell.

Bosch 18V ProCore Tabbed vs Tabless Battery Technologies

Instead of very few connection points, the entire top and bottom of the battery can serve as the battery’s electrodes.

Bosch 18V ProCore Tabbed vs Tabless Battery Benefits

Basically, power delivery within each cell has been greatly improved. There’s lower voltage drop, leading to more performance, and less loss due to heat, leading to greater efficiency.

Bosch says that the ProCore18V+ battery can deliver up to 71% longer runtime compared to their previous 8Ah battery. Not only that, Bosch says that the new tabless-based battery packs should also deliver longer battery lifetime.

Bosch 18V ProCore Plus Tabless Battery Performance Claims

The greatest gains in maximum power and runtime will come from Bosch’s heaviest duty 18V cordless power tools – the BiTurbo series overseas and Profactor series here in the USA.

Bosch 18V ProCore Plus Tabless Battery Compatibility

The battery will be compatible with Bosch’s entire system of 18V cordless power tools, and is also fully compatible with AmpShare.

The Bosch ProCore18V+ battery was announced in Europe. USA details and availability have not yet been announced.