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New Bosch Budget-Friendly Basic Laser Measuring Tool

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A new Bosch laser distance measuring tool has appeared in retailers’ catalogs ahead of Black Friday 2023.

The new Bosch Blaze 100-foot laser distance measuring tool, GLM100-23, sports a new look, new features, and a budget-friendly price point.

Bosch GLM100-23 Laser Distance Measuring Tool

Bosch departed from their one-button approach and gave the new GLM100-23 a primary measuring button as well as “rounding button”.

Bosch GLM100-23 Laser Distance Measuring Tool Click Wheel Function

Bosch’s product description also talks about a “click wheel” for function navigation.

From the product images, this looks to be more of a graphical interface feature than an actual clickable wheel or button.

The laser distance measuring tool has a range of up to 100 feet and published accuracy specs of ±1/16″.

The graphical display features negative-type contrast, with light numbers on a dark background.

Bosch GLM100-23 Laser Distance Measuring Tool Rounding Function Examples

Bosch says that the second button “allows user to easily round the measurement result from 1/2 inch up to 1/32 inch.”

It’s powered by 2x AAA batteries, with one set included.

Price: $49-$55

At the time of this posting, Acme Tool has it for $49 with a limited time $5 coupon that is automatically applied at checkout. This brings the price down to $44, or $50.49 with shipping (free on $199+ orders).

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Bosch GLM 20X Laser Distance Measuring Tool

The Bosch GLM20 laser distance measuring tool, with a 65′ range, is a Black Friday and holiday season special buy right now.

While the GLM20 is a tried-and-true one-button laser measurer, I find the new Bosch GLM100 more appealing.

For one, the tool described above has a ±1/16″ accuracy, whereas the GLM20 is spec’ed at ±1/8″. The longer range – 100′ vs 65′ – might make a difference, at least outdoors. Both have red lasers, but I’d rake a longer-ranged model over a shorter-range one in difficult lighting conditions such as outdoors.

The GLM20 is $10 less right now. But on the other side of the coin, the GLM100 has a new and updated design, not to mention better specs.

Deal Price: $40