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A Craftsman Holiday Tool Deal for Everyone

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One of the best Craftsman holiday tool deals is back! This Craftsman magnetic parts tray 2-pack is on sale again, for what I’m guessing will be a limited time.

The magnetic trays are collapsible, meaning they pop up when you need them, and stow away when you don’t.

There’s a lot to like about these parts trays!

Craftsman Pop-up Magnetic Parts Tray

First, as they pop up, you don’t necessarily have to use these with steel parts. They’re intended for use with ferromagnetic steel parts – screws, bolts, nuts, and such – but I’ve used them for all kinds of stuff.

Craftsman Pop-up Magnetic Parts Tray Closed Flat

Second, they fold relatively flat for convenient storage, and I use them in this state as well. If I just need a safe place to put a couple of steel parts or small tools, I don’t bother to lift the side walls.

Lastly, I like how they can be stored on steel surfaces, such as the side of my tool box.

The price makes them this a hard deal to pass up – it’s a very useful workshop accessory at a great price.

Sale Price: $9.98

I bought a 2-pack a few years ago, and it’s still going strong. I gave in and just ordered a second set for myself.

The price is regularly $15 to $18 or so. Lowe’s says $18, and so does an Amazon price tracker I checked, but I can’t shake the feeling that $15 seems right. Either way, the 2-pack is under $10 right now.

Craftsman’s not the only tool brand making or selling something like this.

EZRed has a 3-pack on Amazon for $18
OEM Tools has a 4-pack on Amazon for $28

Craftsman’s 2-for-$10 price is much better right now.