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Klein Limited Edition Pliers are… Sparkly?

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I came across new limited edition Klein Tools D2000 series lineman pliers at Lowe’s and had to check them out.

They’re certainly different from the Klein pliers I’ve used or seen before.

Klein Tools Limited Edition Lineman Pliers 2023

Like other Klein D2000-9NE lineman pliers, these have heavy duty cutting blades, dipped handles, and a wide gripping zone.

Unlike the regular pliers, these have a new look.

Klein Tools Limited Edition Lineman Pliers at Lowes 2023 Etched Jaws

The pliers’ have a dark finish and decorative design that emphasizes the tool’s USA manufacturing and celebrates Klein’s 166 year legacy.

Klein Tools Limited Edition Lineman Pliers at Lowes 2023 Handle Closeup

But that’s not all – the handles sparkle with a shimmering glittery color.

Sparkly for sparkies?

This was unexpected, but who says electricians can’t have nice tools?

I fiddled around with the pliers, and while the design didn’t do much for me, the pivot seemed smooth.

Klein linemans pliers with a smooth pivot? Mine are nothing like that. I could use a recently-produced Klein to compare against the new USA-made Milwaukee models.

I bought it, brought it home, and wow – the tool feels smooth and nicely broken in, about as good as Milwaukee’s new USA-made perfect-pivot lineman pliers, which are $40 for the dripped grip at Home Depot and $45 for the comfort grip version.

I own other Klein linemans pliers, and none feel as easy to open and close as this one.

There’s a less expensive model, D213-9NE. My understanding is that the D2000-9NE, limited edition or not, have upgraded cutting blades.

I was dazzled a bit by the design at first, but I’m glad – so far – that I took a risk on them.

I can’t tell if Klein changed anything up, or I picked up the one tool off the shelf with a flawless pivot.

But in contrast to this, there were Klein D213-series lineman crimping pliers with yellow dipped handles on the same shelf, and the cutting edges of the two I picked up looked jagged and not at all befitting of their price tag.

Klein’s pliers will need to be perfect if they have any hope of pushing back against Milwaukee Tool’s advancements in the electrical and USA-made hand tool markets.

The new pliers look to be available exclusively at Lowe’s, both in-store and online.

Price: $39.98