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Home Depot is Selling Hilti Nuron Tools

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Home Depot recently started carrying Hilti Nuron cordless power tools in their online store.

It’s unclear when this happened, but I came across several new or at least new-looking models, such as the one-handed reciprocating saw shown here.

There doesn’t look to be any price advantage to buying Hilti tools from Home Depot, however. Hilti sells the one-handed reciprocating saw for $199 (tool-only) directly, while Home Depot has it for $239.

Luckily, this isn’t the case for all of the tools; the Hilti Nuron cordless impact driver, for example, is $199 via Hilti or Home Depot.

Home Depot sells a lot of tools on their website that they don’t carry in stores, but I found this to be an interesting development nonetheless.

Hilti is primarily a business-to-business supplier, and while companies like Milwaukee and Dewalt have been increasingly appealing to commercial contractors and the like, Hilti hasn’t done much to reach individual end users.

Maybe this move to Home Depot – or back to Home Depot – is a sign they’re trying to change that.

Amusingly, Home Depot’s website doesn’t seem to recognize “Hilti Nuron” – they keep “correcting” my search terms to “Hilti Huron.”

I couldn’t tell you what Hilti has done with their Nuron cordless power tool line since it launched two years ago.

The company sent a review request – which is always appreciated – over the summer. When I asked if those were the first Nuron tools launched since 2022, they directed me to the Hilti website to search for myself. According to the website, there are now 78 Nuron tools, with some – like the one-handed reciprocating saw apparently having launched sometime in the past year and a half.

If Hilti is indeed seeking to appeal to individual tool users and Home Depot shoppers, they’re going to have to try a little harder.