A Look at Irwin’s New Multi-Functional Electrical Pliers

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Irwin has launched new Vise-Grip 7-in-1 multi-functional electrical pliers, model IWHT84002.

Irwin Heavy Duty Wire Strippers IWHT84002

The new Irwin Vise-Grip pliers offer high versatility, and help users do more work with just one tool.

Irwin, a channel sponsor, provided a test sample for us to check out.

Irwin Heavy Duty Wire Strippers IWHT84002 Features

The new Irwin Vise-Grip electrical pliers features a wire stripper, curved blade wire cutter, crimper, pliers jaws, loop maker, grooved reamer, and machine screw shear cutting holes.

Irwin Heavy Duty Wire Strippers Jaws Closed

It can strip stranded wire from 12-22 AWG and solid wire from 10-20 AWG.

The curved jaws make it easier to cut larger wires and cables, compared to straight blade wire cutters.

Irwin Heavy Duty Wire Strippers Jaws Closeup

The pliers have a spring-action mechanism with storage mode, and 3-shot bi-material handles for user comfort and control.

I have been testing the wire strippers, and have been pleased with the design so far. I plan to mainly use the multi-functional electrical tool for its curved wire cutting blades and precise stripping slots, and the gripping jaws are a good-to-have feature.

I tend to prefer single-function tools, but there are many projects and jobs where a do-it-all tool can be far more convenient. One thing’s certain – this Irwin Vise-Grip has come a long way from the types of multi-functional electrical tools I swore at and against years ago.

Irwin PowerSlot Pliers and Diagonal Cutter

The 7-in-1 electrical pliers are launching alongside new Irwin Vise-Grip PowerSlot pliers – 8″ diagonal cutting pliers, and 9.5″ lineman’s pliers.

Price: $30

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