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Dewalt and Milwaukee USB-C and Power Adapter Deals

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Dewalt Milwaukee Cordless Power Tool USB Charging Adapter Deals 2023

Home Depot has 2 great deals in their Black Friday savings center for both Dewalt and Milwaukee cordless power tool users.

Both deals feature the two brands’ charging adapters – accessories that stretch the usefulness of a cordless power tool battery beyond tool use.

These adapters essentially convert Dewalt 20V Max and Milwaukee M18 batteries into portable power banks that can charge or power other types of devices.

Dewalt DCB094K 20V Max USB-C Charging Kit

The Dewalt DCB094K is on sale for $79, from $99. This kit features the adapter, a 65W wall charging adapter and a 100W USB-C cord.


The Dewalt adapter features a USB-A output, which can deliver up to 12W, and a two-way USB-C PD port that can deliver up to 100W.

Not only does this convert any Dewalt 20V Max battery into a portable power bank, it’s also a charger, which is why the kit comes with a USB-C-compatible wall charger.

Sale Price: $79

Milwaukee M18 Top-Off Power Adapter with Battery Deal

Milwaukee’s deal bundle is a little different. This promo comes with the Milwaukee M18 Top-Off adapter, which can deliver up to 175W of power to AC devices.

It also has a USB-A port with 2.4A (12W) max output, and USB-C PD that can deliver up too 45W.

The AC receptacle and USB charging ports have independent on/off buttons.

All 3 outputs (AC, USB-A, USB-C) can be used simultaneously.

The Milwaukee Top-Off adapter retails for $99 by itself (2846-20), and with this bundle you get it with an M18 High Output XC 6Ah battery for $199.

Bundle Price: $199

Need another USB-C wall adapter? Amazon has the 100W Anker adapter with 5ft cable for just under $25 right now.

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