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Milwaukee M18 Forge Deals are Here

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I came across a new Milwaukee M18 FORGE cordless deals display when scouting out the holiday specials at my local Home Depot.

You should be able to find the same deals in-store, and they’re live online now as well.

The display I found wasn’t complete with batteries yet, but that’s not the best promo anyway.

Milwaukee M18 Forge Battery Features

To start off, M18 RedLithium Forge is Milwaukee’s designation for their latest and greatest cordless power tool battery tech.

There’s just one M18 Forge battery out now, an XC 6Ah battery, and it features stacked Li-ion pouch cell technology.

The Forge 6Ah battery is said to deliver the same power as the brand’s High Output 12Ah battery, it charges extremely fast on the new dual port Super Charger, and it should have a longer life compared to other M18 batteries.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel FORGE Cordless Power Tool Deals at Home Depot Black Friday 2023

There are 3 special buys, plus individual batteries, which are missing from this display.

Milwaukee M18 Forge Battery with Dual Super Charger

To start off, the new Milwaukee dual port M18 Super Charger is bundled with a single Forge 6Ah battery for $299.

You can recharge the Forge battery on other Milwaukee M18 battery chargers, but it’s with this dual port Super Charger that you get the most benefits, such as an 80% charge in 15 minutes and full 100% charge in 25 minutes.

The charger’s two ports can operate simultaneously, and utilize adaptive charge distribution to maximize productivity.

As I understand it, with two batteries connected, the dual port SuperCharger can send more power to one battery and then to the other, charging them both faster.

With this deal, you get the $249 charger and $199 battery for $299 together.

Milwaukee M18 Forge Battery with M18 Fuel Sawzall Saw and Charger

Next, there’s the M18 FUEL Gen2 brushless Sawzall reciprocating saw kit.

This kit comes with a cordless reciprocating saw, Forge battery, and standard charger.

The saw typically sells for $199 by itself, or its regular single battery kit comes with a 5Ah battery and standard charger for $329.

So not only is this kit less expensive than the regular 1-battery kit, you get the upgraded Forge battery.

Milwaukee M18 Forge Battery with M18 Fuel Angle Grinder and Charger

With this deal, you get the Milwaukee M18 FUEL 4-1/2″/5″ angle grinder, a Forge 6Ah battery, and charger for $299.

This seems to be a great deal for what you get, but there’s some competition and decisions to make. At this time, the same cordless angle grinder is included in the free tool selection for various other M18 promo offers at the moment.

Milwaukee M18 Forge Battery 2-Pack Hero

The new Forge battery is priced at $199 individually, and there’s also a 2-pack (online-only at the moment) priced at $379.

If I were a heavy Milwaukee M18 cordless power tool user – well I am, but I’ve already got a SuperCharger test sample and Forge battery in-hand – I’d go for the dual port charger and Forge battery bundle, and either another Forge battery or maybe the Sawzall kit for $100 more than for just the battery.

The angle grinder deal looks good too, but it’s not the only promo featuring that tool. I think the Sawzall bundle is a more compelling offer.

Home Depot Milwaukee M18 Forge Deals

Milwaukee M18 Forge Battery – $199
Milwaukee M18 Forge Battery 2-Pack – $379

Milwaukee M18 Forge Battery w/ Dual Super Charger – $299
Milwaukee M18 Fuel Sawzall Kit w/ Forge Battery, Charger – $299
Milwaukee M18 Fuel Angle Grinder w/ Forge Battery, Charger – $299

Acme Tools Milwaukee M18 Forge Deals

Milwaukee M18 Forge Battery w/ Dual Super Charger – $299

I think Milwaukee is off to a great start, and I’ll be on the lookout for more deals.