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Bosch 12″ Axial Glide Miter Saw at its Lowest Price

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For a limited time, the Bosch 12″ dual bevel miter saw (GCM12SD), with its much-coveted axial-glide sliding mechanism, is on sale at an incredible price.

Here’s some context. Last year it was $549 for Black Friday. Last summer it was $524 for Prime Day. Earlier today, the price was $599.

Right now, it’s $449 with free shipping!

How are they beating last year’s Black Friday sale pricing? From the looks of it, the saw is promo-priced at $599, but there’s also another Bosch promo right now, where you save $150 off $500+ orders.

Normally, already-discounted tools are excluded from other money-off promotions. Apparently that’s not the case here, and it looks like Amazon reduced their price to match Acme’s.

$449? I’d buy one in a heartbeat if I didn’t already have a test sample of the cordless Profactor version on-hand right now for long-term testing. Bosch’s cordless version is very similar to this 15A corded model, and is on sale at Amazon for $579 right now.

Deal Price: $449 with free shipping

At Acme Tools, add coupon code BOSCHSAVINGS to your cart or at checkout.

I have searched through our Black Friday archives, and have NEVER seen the Bosch GCM12SD 12″ axial glide miter sell for this low.

Here’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal pricing for the saw going back a few years:

Black Friday 2017: $519.20 after 20% coupon
Black Friday 2018: $549
Black Friday 2019: $549
Black Friday 2020: $599
Black Friday 2021: $599
Black Friday 2022: $549 (lowest, typically $599)

Bosch 12-inch Axial Glide Miter Saw with Gravity Rise Stand

Home Depot has a different deal of the day promotion, where you get the same 12″ axial glide miter saw and a Bosch rolling miter saw stand for $599 – the same price the saw itself was this morning.

This deal is valid 11/2/23, unless supplies sell out sooner.

Deal Price: $599

Should You Buy it?

Were you looking to buy the Bosch 12″ axial glide miter saw this season? Then YES, I think $449 is an unbeatable deal, and $599 for the bundle is just as good – if not better!

Are you on the fence?

The biggest downside to the Bosch axial glide miter saw is its weight. It’s great for the workshop, for rolling to a jobsite, or carrying out of a garage and to the driveway to get some work done. But if you need to carry a miter saw throughout a building or a long distance from your truck to the jobsite, it’s heavier than other 12″ sliding miter saws.

However, its weight is due to the gliding mechanism, which requires a far smaller benchtop or worktop footprint than traditional sliding miter saws. This means you can place it on a workbench without needing the abundance of rear clearance that sliding saws require.

Without enough rear clearance, traditional sliding miter saw carriages can slam into the wall behind a workbench.

Should You Buy it Now?

A reader asked me if I can talk them out of the Home Depot bundle deal, and that’s when I spotted the price drop on just the saw by itself.

I don’t think we’ll see pricing better than this, and there’s a risk this deal pricing could be temporary.

It all comes down to when the $150 off $500+ promotion will end – I don’t see any expiration dates mentioned – and whether Bosch intended for it to apply to the already-discounted 12″ miter saw.

A lot of retailer shave this saw price-fixed at $599 right now, discounted from $649. My records show that $549 was the best price for Black Friday last year, and $524 for Prime Day. $449 makes this a very HOT DEAL.

Given the saw’s weight, $599 for the saw and gravity-rise miter saw stand – which retails for over $300 on Amazon right now is also a very good deal. If you’re moving the saw long distances, that gravity-rise rolling miter saw stand is going to be a big convenience.

What About the Cordless Model?

I have been testing the Bosch 18V Profactor model, which retails for $579 on Amazon right now.

This class of miter saw is not as portable as others. It excels in workshop settings and is portable enough to carry short distances – or roll for longer stretches to the jobsite. It’s not ideal for hand-carrying long distances.

I think that most users will be using this saw close to an AC outlet.

For context, I wouldn’t buy a corded 7-1/4″ sliding miter saw these days. That class of saws are great for carrying single handled to where the work needs to be done, and cordless makes far more sense to me.

But here, for users who don’t need cordless convenience, I’d go corded, which makes these deals extremely compelling and hard to resist.

What about the 10″? I tested one a while back. I thought it would be lighter and more portable. It wasn’t.

The 10″ model is $589 at Acme Tools right now, or $439 after using the same $150 off coupon.

Unless you specifically don’t want a 12″ miter saw, I’d choose the 12″ over the 10″ these days, especially with the 12″ selling at $449 for just the saw or $599 with the rolling stand.