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New Klein ModBox Organizers in 3 Sizes

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Klein has launched new ModBox organizers and component tool boxes in 3 sizes, which are now available from Lowe’s website.

ModBox is Klein Tools’ modular tool box storage system, and it launched earlier this year at Lowe’s retail stores and online.

We knew that organizers were on the way, with one more size and several drawer tool boxes also on Klein’s list of ModBox expansions that are coming soon.

Klein ModBox Organizer Filled with Electrical Parts and Components

Each Klein Tools ModBox organizer tool box features a clear lid and IP65 rating for weather and dust resistance. The bins are all removable and come with one or two dividers depending on the size.

Klein ModBox Organizer Full Width Standard Depth

The full-width standard depth organizer, 54806MB, comes with (8) removable bins – 4 small and 4 large.

Klein ModBox Organizer Full Width Shallow Depth

The full-width shallow depth organizer, 54807MB, is similar, but with (8) shorter removable bins.

Klein ModBox Organizer Half Width Standard Depth

The compact standard depth organizer, 54808MB, comes with (4) removable bins – 2 small and 2 large.

The bins are all interchangeable and swappable between organizers, allowing users to move contents around as needed.

Or, leave some bins out and load any of the organizer tool boxes with a mix of tools and parts, such as wire nuts or terminal blocks. The lids have a “stay-put” feature that helps to keep the bins and their contents from shifting during transport.

Klein ModBox Organizer One-Touch Stacking Latch

The organizers feature a one-touch latch release design for convenient grab-and-go portability.

Klein ModBox Tool Box Stack with Organizers

ModBox components stack together as with other brands’ modular tool box systems.

Pricing and Availability

Full Width, Standard Depth – $50 | Buy it at Lowe’s
Full Width, Shallow Depth – $45 | Buy it at Lowe’s
Half Width, Standard Depth – $35 | Buy it at Lowe’s

At this time, I can only find the new Klein Tools organizers in stock on Lowe’s website, with free delivery on $45+ orders.

I would expect to see these at other ModBox dealers soon.

Should You Buy into Klein’s ModBox System?

I have tested products from the first launch wave, and found the Klein tool boxes to be decent.

The external accessory integration is spectacular, although that seems moot in this context given that the organizers don’t have this feature.

I felt the user experience – mainly the stacking and releasing of the tool boxes – to be not quite as good as with industry-leading solutions. I had difficulties connecting one of the tool boxes to its stack, but the problem seems to have resolved itself.

Klein designed the ModBox system for electricians and other such users, and I feel there could be strong appeal from other types of users as well. That’s the beauty of modular tool storage systems – you can buy and use just what you need.

If you’re wondering whether the ModBox system is right for you, the best way to answer this is to find a Lowe’s stores and check out their displays.

I won’t be recommending the ModBox system over other brands’ systems anytime soon, but I definitely do think the designs and construction do have merit and a large reserve of untapped potential.