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CMT Orange Tools 007 License to Cut Xtreme Demolition Blade

The CMT 007 Xtreme Demolition blade is designed to be a standout product that surpasses many top-selling blades in the market. Sporting an unusual physical design, there are several key reasons to put this blade on your radar. Plus, it’s already a winner, earning the 2023 Pro Tool Innovation Award for circular saw blades.

CMT Orange Tools 007 License to Cut Xtreme Demolition Blade

One of the blade’s unique features is the low mass plate design—a patented design that reduces the blade’s overall mass, which minimizes heat and boosts cutting efficiency. That’s what all the cutouts are about. They reduce the mass of the blade while maintaining a structure that won’t bend or warp while you’re cutting. On your cordless circular saws, you’ll get more cuts per charge thanks to those efficiency gains.

Another notable feature is its secured tooth geometry, which is specifically designed to handle impacts with nails better than its competitors. The blade tips are brazed deep inside the blade plate, giving them a much stronger resistance to shearing on nail strikes. Additionally, the distance from the rear of each segment to the tooth creates a gullet that’s smaller than framing nails can fit between. This design ensures that the blade can cut more nails and last longer under the toughest cutting conditions.


Turning our attention to the blade coating, Orange Shield is a special orange coating that prevents sticking, helps keeps the blade cooler under load, and protects against corrosion. By reducing friction, the blade ensures cool and precise cuts, allowing you to focus on guiding the cut rather than fighting the blade.


Made in Italy, you can get this blade in a 7 1/4-inch or 6 1/2-inch size. The larger size runs $22.99 each, or there’s a 10-pack available for $129.99. Considering the 10-pack saves you almost $100 over buying them individually, that’s the way to go.

A 10-pack of 6 1/2-inch blades was running $160 at the time of writing.

Application Highlights

  • Demolition
  • Clean lumber
  • Lumber with nails
  • Pressure-treated lumber
  • Plywood
  • OSB
  • Plasterboard