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Workers Say Lowe’s is Firing their Entire IT Department

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Over on Reddit, multiple Lowe’s workers have reported that the retailer will be laying off their entire IT support department.

The Lowe’s community moderator has said they independently validated these claims.

According to workers who say they will be affected by this development, “around 200 people, perhaps more,” will be laid off by the end of the year.

They are also saying that Lowe’s expressed plans to outsource IT services to an overseas contractor.

One of the affected workers said:

Even our managers are losing their jobs too and also got blindsided by it. Nobody will care about their jobs anymore.

Confirmed that some are staying and they cannot give their ex-employees references for new jobs due to legal repercussions from Lowe’s if they do so.

Lowe’s has not made any official announcements about the matter.


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