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6 Milwaukee Hand Tool Deals at Home Depot for $20 or Less

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Home Depot has launched new Milwaukee hand tool deals for Black Friday 2023.

Most of these deals are similar to last year’s, but with 2 new products eligible for an added “buy more save more” discount.

Each of the hand tools shown below are on sale for $19.97. At the time of this posting, Home Depot is offering FREE shipping for all of them, with no minimum purchase required.

Buy 3 or more items, and you save an additional $10 at checkout. Buy 5 or more, and you save $30.

Milwaukee Compact Magnetic Tape Measure 2-Pack 48-22-0325FX

Milwaukee Compact Magnetic Tape Measure 2-Pack

These compact 25′ tape measures feature up to 15′ of reach and have anti-tear reinforcement on the first 6″ of tape.

If you’re looking for Milwaukee’s most durable tape measures with the longest standout or reach, you’ll want something else, such as the much pricier Stud. Personally, I prefer more compact tapes, with these being *just right*.

Milwaukee FastBack Utility Knife Promo Set 48-22-1505Q

Milwaukee FastBack Utility Knife 2pc Set

With this 2pc set, you get the Milwaukee FastBack folding utility knife, with fold-out screwdriver bit holder and on-board blade storage, and a compact FastBack (my current favorite).

At this time, the FastBack 6-in-1 is $19.99 by itself, and the compact model is $9.97 by itself.

Milwaukee Rafter Square and Trim Square Set MLSQ070P

Milwaukee Rafter Square and Trim Square Set

This 2-pack includes Milwaukee’s USA-made aluminum 7″ rafter square and 4-1/2″ trim square.

Milwaukee 27-in-1 Ratcheting Screwdriver 48-22-2904

Milwaukee 27-in-1 Ratcheting Screwdriver

The ratcheting screwdriver – which launched earlier this year – is one of the two new deals this season. It features 26 insert bits plus the built-in 1/4″ nut driver and screwdriver bit holder.

All of the bits fit neatly inside the handle.

Milwaukee 7-in-1 Combination Wire Strippers and Pliers 48-22-3078

Milwaukee 7-in-1 Combination Electrical Tool

This combo electrical tool has 7 core features and functions:

  • Wire stripper (8-18 AWG solid, 10-20 AWG stranded)
  • Wire cutter (up to 4x 12 AWG)
  • Wide jaw pliers
  • Reamer (1/2″ to 1″ conduit)
  • Bolt cutter (#6, #8 threaded machine screws)
  • Wire loop maker
  • Crimper

It also has high-leverage handles and no-peel comfort grips.

Milwaukee 22oz Milled Face Framing Hammer 48-22-9022 Angled

Milwaukee 22oz Milled Face Framing Hammer

The last deal that’s new for this year is Milwaukee’s 22oz milled face and rip claw framing hammer.

It features an asymmetrical claw to minimize ringing, I-beam handle construction, anti-shock grip, and magnetic nail set.

The hammer looks to typically sell for $27 and up.

Milwaukee Hand Tool Deals at Home Depot Buy More Save More Discount

Buy 3 or 4 of these tools, and you save an extra $10 at checkout. Buy 5 or more, and you save $30.

The savings work for any combination of these Milwaukee hand tools, whether you want all different tools or multiples of the same deal.

If you buy 3 or 5 tools, the effective price-per-tool drops from $19.97 to $16.64 or $13.97, respectively.

Do NOT buy 4 tools. Here’s why:

1 Tool = $19.97
2 Tools = $39.94
3 Tools = $49.91 (Save $10)
4 Tools = $69.88 (Save $10)
5 Tools = $69.85 (Save $30)

If you just want one, great – do that. If you’re thinking of buying two tools, you can buy a third for just $10 more. If you’re buying three tools, stop there, or think about buying two more tools for $20 more. If you’re buying four tools, just grab another, as the way the deal works out, the fifth tool won’t cost you extra.

There’s no posted end date, but I’m guessing this will run throughout the holiday season unless supplies sell out sooner.