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Best Dewalt Drill Bit Deals for Black Friday 2023

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Dewalt Drill Bit Set Black Friday Savings Hero

Here are two Dewalt drill bit deals for Black Friday 2023 that you don’t have to wait for and won’t want to miss.

Amazon has the Dewalt DWA1184 14pc drill bit set for $9.97. Home Depot is matching that deal also has the Dewalt DWA1180 10pc drill bit set for $5.97.

I really like Dewalt’s “black and gold” drill bits, which are featured in both sets. They have 135° split point tips, 3-flat shanks on larger sizes to reduce spinning, and perform well in a variety of materials.

I put together a brief analysis of both deals below. Let me know in a comment which you think is the better bargain!

Dewalt 14pc Drill Bit Set for $9.97

Dewalt 14pc Drill Bit Set DWA1184

This Dewalt 14pc drill bit set (DWA1184) is always extremely popular and fast-selling when it drops to $10.

It includes sizes from 1/16″ to 1/2″, including a duplicate 1/8″ bit.

Part of what makes this such a great deal is that it includes larger drill bits that often cost more than $10 to buy individually. Just the Dewalt 1/2″ drill bit by itself costs $14 to buy separately (via Home Depot).

I feel that this is as great deal for both beginners looking to buy their first drill bit set, and pros looking to replenish their kit on a budget. It’s not the most comprehensive set, but it includes common sizes at a price that’s very hard to say no to.

Price: $9.97

Dewalt 10pc Drill Bit Set for $5.97

Dewalt DWA1180 10pc Drill Bit Set

This Dewalt 10pc drill bit set (DWA1180) is extremely aggressively low-priced at just $5.97.

It comes with sizes from 1/16″ to 5/16″, with duplicate 1/16″ and 5/64″ drill bits.

It’s a great value if you want to stock up on smaller drill bit sizes.

For example, a 2-pack of 1/16″ drill bits costs $5.47 to buy separately (via Home Depot), and the same is true for a 2-pack of 5/64″ drill bits (via Home Depot). This Dewalt 10pc drill bit set gives you far more than than that, for just under $6.

Price: $5.97 with free shipping

Deal Analysis

You get a lot of value for your money with either deal, but which is better?

The DWA1184 set gives you larger sizes, with some priced higher than the entire 14pc promo set, and the DWA1180 gives you more of the smaller sizes that a lot of users are going to break at some point.

The 14pc set has a higher value and includes all of the same sizes as in the 10pc set. If you want to spend less on a small-bit replenishment set, go for the 10pc set.

If you’re really not sure which deal would serve you better, buy both. You get a broader range of sizes with the 14pc set, and extra of the smallest size drill bits with the 10pc set for when – not if – you accidentally break them.

Or, start with the 14pc set and see how you like it.

While these aren’t the best drill bits I have ever used, they are strong, durable, and convenient. I’m going to check my supplies and likely buy another set or two while they’re on sale.

What You Get with Both Sets

Sizes 14pc Set DWA1184 10pc Set DWA1180
1/16″ (1) (2)
5/64″ (1) (2)
3/32″ (1) (1)
7/64″ (1) (1)
1/8″ (2) (1)
9/64″ (1)
5/32″ (1)
3/16″ (1) (1)
7/32″ (1)
1/4″ (1) (1)
5/16″ (1) (1)
3/8″ (1)
1/2″ (1)
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As a reminder, these drill bits are intended for use in a standard drill chuck. They will not fit impact drivers.