Harbor Freight Keeps Sending Me 25% No-Exclusions Coupons

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Has anyone else been getting these crazy-good Harbor Freight coupons?

It starts off with a “we’ve missed you” subject line, and when I open it up, there’s a similar message and then a 25% off coupon with “no exclusions” emphasized.

There are some limits – it’s a single-use coupon, good towards any single item, and it can only be used on in-stock items, in-store only. That still seems pretty good to me.

Are you guys getting them too? This is my third so far. The first came in on September 7th, the second on October 5th, and the most recent one came in on October 19th.

The latest coupon is good from 10/20 thru 10/26/23.

I’m not complaining, it’s just that this seems a bit uncharacteristic. I haven’t made up my mind yet as to whether this is a good strategy for them or not, but I’m definitely happy as a consumer – as long as they don’t start marking things up.

For those of you getting these coupons, are you heading out to the store to buy anything? What’s good these days?

And no, you can’t have mine, sorry.

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