Kress Aims to Lead the Battery-Powered Landscaping Industry

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Kress, a Positec brand, seems very convinced that they are about to change the professional landscaping industry with their 60V Max CyberSystem cordless outdoor power tool system.

There’s actually 3 parts to the CyberSystem line – the Kres Commercial cordless power tools, 2 sizes of CyberPack batteries, and CyberTank portable power station.

Kress 60V Cordless Chainsaw

The Kress 60V CyberSystem looks to feature tools specifically tailored to the needs of professional landscapers and other such users.

Kress Cordless Leaf Blower

Kress has a separate 60V Max system that could potentially be compatible with the same batteries. Looking at Kress’s CyberTank product manual, all 3 charging ports can recharge 60V or CyberPack 60V batteries.

Kress Power Bank Charging Batteries

The CyberPack batteries connect to the cordless power tools, and the CyberTank serves as a charging source. Essentially, the CyberTank is a very large battery with sophisticated controls and fast charging.

How fast?

The Kress CyberTank can charge a CyberPack 4Ah battery in just 8 minutes. Not only that, it can also recharge the CyberPack 11Ah battery in just 8 minutes.

What if you cannot get to the CyberTank? Kress also offers a 30A dual port charger. The Kress charger cannot recharge the CyberPacks as fast as the CyberTank can.

Kress Cordless Outdoor Power Tool Battery Power Bank

The Kress CyberTank is designed to be mounted to your trailer.

This seems fairly straightforward.

The idea is that the contract uses their Kress CyberSystem tools, pops a depleted battery into the CyberTank for charging, and then 8 minutes later the battery is fully charged and ready for use.

There are two CyberTank sizes – a 5 kWh unit, and one with 7.2 kWh capacity.

The 4Ah and 11Ah batteries have 240 Wh and 660 Wh charge capacities, respectively.

Kress launched an app, with features such as tool tracking, battery status, maintenance reminders, and more.

The 8-minute charging claim is made with the CyberTank operating in booster mode. Otherwise, the standard charging rate is 14 minutes for one or two batteries in any combination.

I couldn’t find any details about how long Kress’s other 60V battery will take to charge via CyberTank.

The charging times are up to 4 hours for 5 kWh model, and 7 hours for the 7.2 Whr. The CyberTank must be plugged into 100-240V AC and draws up to 15A current max, or 1800W.

It’s worth noting that the CyberTank is described as having a rated voltage of 48V, with battery capacities of 105Ah (5040 Wh) and 150Ah (7200 Wh).

The battery has LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) chemistry.

I think that this is the direction the battery-powered landscaping industry will be going in, where you have battery-powered tools and a large battery bank to recharge everything with.

Dewalt PowerEquip Cordless Mower and Equipment Battery

Dewalt has a similar idea with their as of yet to be released Ascent series and PowerEquip batteries.

From what I have seen, professional landscapers have been incredibly slow to adapt to cordless outdoor power tools, simply because gas remains more convenient.

Will systems like Kress’s change that?

There’s not a lot of information out there yet, but Kress’s product and PR teams have made it clear they are ready and able to answer any questions you or I might have.

So – what do you think? Is this the solution to finally put at end to gas engine outdoor power tools?

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