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Klein Bucket Work Center – a New Specialty Tool Storage System

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Klein Bucket Work Center Hand Tool Storage

The Klein Bucket Work Center is a novel tool storage system designed specifically for linemen working out of an aerial bucket.

Klein Bucket Work Center Linemans Office

Klein launched their Bucket Work Center around a year ago, and have expanded the system several times since then.

Ergodyne Arsenal 5710 Bucket Truck Tool Board
Ergodyne Arsenal 5710 Bucket Truck Tool Board

There are quite a few aerial bucket organizers and storage accessories on the market, such as the one shown here.

However, Klein’s Bucket Work Center builds upon the concept and offers a much higher degree of customization.

Klein Bucket Work Center Tool Rail Application Examples

Klein launched the Bucket Work Center with just a handful of attachments that all mounted to common-style S-hooks that drape over the sides of an aerial bucket.

Within a few months, Klein expanded their system with a modular rail system.

Klein Bucket Work Center Application Examples

The systems seem well thought out.

I say systems because there are different modes of installation and attachment. The Bucket Work Center includes separate modular rail panels that attach via tool-free clamps or S-hooks, and storage accessories that are and are not compatible with the rail system.

Klein Bucket Work Center with Rail Panels and Tools

The modular rail system features wall panels that are available in 1-man, 1.5-man, and 2-man bucket sizes, and there’s also a corner piece that allows for seamless transitions.

Klein Bucket Work Center S-Hook Panels with Tools

There are also now S-mount wall panels for smaller or more portable solutions.

Klein Bucket Work Center with Rail Panels

Klein has steadily added to the number of rail-attachable hooks, pockets, and other storage accessories.

Klein Bucket Work Center with Tools on the Outer Rail

The closed hook module can attach to the inside or outside rails.

Klein Bucket Work Center with Tools on the Outer Rail in Raised Bucket

The closed hook is gated to help prevent tools from falling.

Work-at-height safety practices will limit which storage modules or accessories should be attached to the outer rail.

Klein Bucket Work Center with S-Hook Panels

They also still have S-hook-based accessories, although with fewer options. It’s with these S-hook storage accessories that Klein launched their Bucket Work Center system in September 2022.

The rail system and the first wave of attachments launched in January 2023, and the S-hook rail wall panel and additional rail attachments launched in August 2023.

Klein Bucket Work Center with Wall Rail Panel and Tools

Klein also launched a wall panel for mounting the tool rails to any vertical surface, and says that it can be mounted to truck cabins, walls, and workstations.

At this time, you cannot buy the work center rail by itself; it’s only available pre-installed to clamp-on, S-hook, and screw-mounted wall assembly panels.

The wall panels with bucket overhang have a 50 lb load rating, while the S-hook and screw-mounted wall panels have a 40 lb load rating.

Wall Panels

  • 1 Man Wall Assembly BC100WA
    • 19.27″ x 4.4″ x 15.94″ (48.9 x 11.2 x 40.5 cm)
  • 1.5 Man Wall Assembly BC150WA
    • 22.77″ x 4.4″ x 15.94″ (57.8 x 11.2 x 40.5 cm)
  • 2 Man Wall Assembly BC200WA
    • 40.27″ x 4.4″ x 15.94″ (102.3 x 11.2 x 40.5 cm)
  • Storage Wall Assembly BC99WA (not for utility buckets)
    • 12.7″ x 0.9″ x 14″ (32.3 x 2.3 x 35.6 cm)
  • Wall Assembly, S-Hook Module BC100S
    • 12.7″ x 2.3″ x 14″ (32.3 x 5.8 x 35.6 cm)
  • Integrated Corner Piece BC599

Rail System Modules

  • Hard Tool Storage BC501C
  • Tool Apron Storage BC502C
  • Magnetic Tool Storage BC504C
  • Auger Bit Storage BC507C
  • Utility Bar Storage BC508C
  • Socket Storage BC509C
  • Work Tray BC503C
  • Hardware Pouch BC510C
  • Large Pouch BC511C
  • Multi-Tool Holder BC512C
  • Oval Bucket BC513C
  • Cup Holder 54817MB
  • Open Hook BC505C
  • Closed Hook BC506C

S-Hooks and Modules

  • Hard Tool Storage BC501S
  • Tool Apron Storage BC502S
  • Magnetic Tool Storage BC504S
  • Auger Bit Storage BC507S
  • Utility Bar Storage BC508S
  • Socket Storage BC509S
  • S-Hook 2″ BC311
  • S-Hook 3″ BC312

Klein says that system components are made from UV-resistant dielectric plastic (up to 35 kV), and can withstand work conditions from -25°F to 125°F.


Bucket truck storage and organization products are nothing new, but the Klein Bucket Work Center seems like an ecosystem, with the tool brand using the exact same word to describe it.

The storage system also feels familiar; I can almost see some connections between what Klein has done here, and what other tool brands are doing in the portable and workshop tool storage space.

As a reminder, Klein has also recently launched their new ModBox modular portable tool box system. There doesn’t appear to be any cross-system compatibility, which makes sense given the very different needs the two systems were designed to meet.

Still, the Bucket Work Center has some neat designs that could potentially be adapted into future workspace storage products or accessories.

The system looks highly versatile, and I find myself really wishing they offered a long wall-mountable rail.

However, the pricing is – as one might expect – not consumer-friendly. I say this in case anyone has the idea to equip their workshop with Klein’s screw-mounted wall panels.

At the time of this posting, the closed hooks for the modular rail system are $21 each, which isn’t much more than it costs for Milwaukee Packout system hooks.

Klein Tools Bucket Work Center Hand Tools Module

The hard tool storage module, shown here, is $198, plus the cost of a rail panel, which start at $150 for the screw-mounted panel and over $200 for the bucket panels.

This also explains why Klein also launched S-hook versions. The hard tool storage module with S-hook attachment is $189, plus $10-11 each for 2 hooks.

Similarly, the socket storage rail attachment is a little over $92, while the S-hook version is $90. The magnetic accessory is over $104 for the rail-compatible model, and $80 for the S-hook version.

For those of you that do a lot of work at heights from a bucket, what do you think about Klein’s new system?