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I Found a Deal on Dewalt ToughSystem Organizers

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I visited my local Home Depot today, to scout out their new tool deals and promos, and found a display of Dewalt ToughSystem tool storage products.

The Dewalt ToughSystem promo featured the brand’s compact small parts organizer (DWST08020), and their 2-drawer tool box (DWST08320).

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Dewalt ToughSystem Compact Small Parts Organizer DWST08020

I can make good use of compact parts organizers, and sometimes use them as portable tool boxes.

They’re durable, and the clear lids can be a convenience. The boxes feature 6 removable bins and have a weather seal for IP65 resistance against water and dust.

So, I stopped in my tracks and took a closer look.

Dewalt ToughSystem Compact Organizer DWST08020 at Home Depot Store Promo Price Card

When peeking at the back of the display, where I’m guessing another half pallet promo display was supposed to be positioned, I caught sight of what looks to be later-in-the-season pricing.

$24.98 seems like a good deal price.


The price is currently $29.97. That’s the everyday price, and in my opinion it’s decent and proportional for what you get. $24.98 is of course better.

However, Home Depot has a 2-pack of the same organizers priced at $44.78 online, with free shipping. Let’s look at the pricing in context:

Current Price for 1 Organizer: $29.97.

Apparent Near-Future Price for 1 Organizer: $24.98.

Current Price for 2 Organizers: $44.78, which comes out to $22.39 each.

If you want 2 organizers, the 2-pack saves you $15.16 compared to the current price for 2 organizers purchased separately, or $5.18 compared to what looks to be the near-future price.

So if you think you’d be interested in buying 2 of these Dewalt ToughSystem organizers – or multiples of 2 – the 2-pack bundle that’s available online might be a better deal to get in on right now.

As a reminder, these are compatible with Dewalt ToughSystem 2.0 tool boxes.