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ToughBuilt StackTech Tool Storage System is Going to be HUGE

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ToughBuilt StackTech is a new modular tool storage system, and it’s unlike any other that you might have seen before.

ToughBuilt describes their StackTech tool box and storage system as being the world’s most intuitive, and that it will offer unrivaled functionality through its effortless stacking, extensive product range, exceptional durability, and a groundbreaking transportation system that sets a new standard in the industry.

The first products will launch in October 2023, with major product expansions aimed for Spring and Summer 2024.

ToughBuilt gave me the go-ahead to share with you everything they showed me, as long as I make it clear what’s coming out and when. So, we’ll start with that, and then get to the features and examples of how everything comes together.

ToughBuilt StackTech Launch – October 2023

Here are the first (8) StackTech products, which will be available starting later this month at Lowe’s stores and online:

  • Tool Box
  • Large Tool Box
  • Rolling Tool Box
  • Compact Tool Box
  • Organizer Tool Box
  • Compact Low Profile Organizer
  • Tote
  • Crate

Before you think “that’s it?” know that this is the start. Everything you see below is expected to available by this time next year.

ToughBuilt StackTech Spring 2024 Expansion

ToughBuilt StackTech Tool Storage System Spring 2024 Products

Shown here are all of the StackTech products that ToughBuilt expects to launch by Spring 2024. Yes, that’s a lot.

As I understand it, all of these products should be available by next June.

There’s going to be tool boxes, drawers, organizers, compact tool boxes and organizers, accessories, mounting and transport accessories, tool bags, and more.

The Transporter series will feature a 4-wheel cart, a cargo carrier, a hand truck, and also a convertible hand truck.

How many of these tool boxes, bags, and accessories do you wish other modular tool box makers offered?

ToughBuilt StackTech Summer 2024 Expansion

ToughBuilt StackTech Tool Box System Summer 2024 First Look

ToughBuilt also provided a preview of what they plan to launch in Summer 2024.

Yes; at the very top, that does say “rolling drawer box.” To all of the many tool users who said “I want a drawer on the bottom, with wheels!”, ToughBuilt heard you loud and clear.

Here we can see more drawer units, compact tool boxes, two sizes of first aid kits, a water cooler, and powered solutions – a StackTech tower light, box fan, and vacuum.

ToughBuilt StackTech 2024 Accessories

ToughBuilt StackTech Tool Storage Accessories Expansion 2024

Quite a few accessories are coming out as well.

These will all attach to the outside of ToughBuilt StackTech tool boxes.

There’s a compact area light, MOLLE plates, a magnifying lens, tablet arm, drafting light, roll holder, cord wrap, a hand tool bar, magnetic bar, long handle tool bars, and hubs for clipping on pouches and the like.

ToughBuilt ClipTech Tool Pouches

ToughBuilt ClipTech Tool Pouches and Accessories Line

ToughBuilt has a wide range of ClipTech tool pouches and accessories, all of which can attach to mounting points on users’ tool belts, tool bags, portable workbenches, and now StackTech tool boxes.

As shown in the previous image, StackTech hubs and bars will be available in 2024.

ToughBuilt StackTech Tool Storage Features

ToughBuilt StackTech Reinforced Corners and Accessory Dock

Each StackTech tool box has an accessory attachment plate at the corner.

I like this idea. If you don’t want to attach anything, just treat the plates as added impact protection that doesn’t take up any extra space.

The boxes are IP65-rated against water and dust.

ToughBuilt StackTech Locking System

I’m intrigued about how everything locks into place. Slide the latch to the left to lock a tool box to a stack, and to the right to unlock it.

ToughBuilt StackTech Tool Box Stacking and Latches

The stacking seems uncomplicated.

I’m also intrigued about the single latch lid closure.

ToughBuilt StackTech Storage System Integrations

ToughBuilt StackTech Tool Storage System Product Family Teaser

This is how everything comes together.

Do you prefer a rolling tool box? Convertible platform? Dolly? A system that just slides out of the back of your truck? ToughBuilt’s got it all.

ToughBuilt StackTech Tool Boxes on Transporter Convertible Hand Cart

The convertible platform hand truck is what really got my attention at first.

Set it up with drawers, and you can move everything around without having to take a box off.

Do you need a large drawer? The XL tool box size will be available with 1, 2, 3, or 4 drawers, plus a traditional XL tool box with hinged top lid.

There will be 1-drawer tool boxes in medium, large, and XL heights.

ToughBuilt StackTech Drawer Tool Boxes and Roller Dolly

The mountable accessories can be attached or moved around tool-free.

The roll holder can be used for small wire spools, and the long handle holder for a conduit bender. It looks like there are solutions for electricians, plumbers, carpenters, contractors, and everyone in between.

ToughBuilt StackTech Tool Box Combo with Long Handle Tools

Mount the long handle tool bar attachment to the side of a tool box combo, and you can bring along tools like a sledge hammer and shovel.

Maybe you don’t want to bring a shovel with you, but what about a push broom? Painting roller extension pole?

ToughBuilt StackTech with Pickup Truck Transporter

With the Transporter, it looks like you can load or unload your kit from a pickup truck without having to break it down.

ToughBuilt StackTech Tool Box Truck Cargo Carrier

If the Transporter isn’t for you, what about a hitch-mounted cargo carrier?

ToughBuilt StackTech Transporter Adjustable Height

The Transporter is height-adjustable.

ToughBuilt StackTech Transporter with Tool Platform Accessories

Do you need a work platform? The StackTech Transporter can do that too.

ToughBuilt StackTech Tool Storage System Mobile Van and Truck Setups

ToughBuilt also designed a system for mounting StackTech tool boxes and accessories in your work van, and it looks highly space-efficient too.

ToughBuilt StackTech Tool Storage System Workshop Examples

Do you want workshop storage? StackTech can go there too. There will be shelves, wall cabinets, a workbench, slotted back panels, and more.

ToughBuilt StackTech Tool Storage System Mobile Mounted Example

Here’s another look at a mobile storage setup. There are drawers on the bottom, removable tool boxes in the middle, and work surface panels on top, plus tool holders and a power tool rack.


ToughBuilt StackTech Tool Storage System with Accessories

A lot of brands have stacking tool boxes, drawers, and externally-mounted accessories and attachments.

But this? This is just… wow.

Someone asked me last night, via social media, whether the ToughBuilt StackTech system is going to have drawers. They saw the SKUs for the first wave of products, and was surprised not to see any drawer units included.

Over the next 12 months, we can expect to see 7 different drawer tool boxes.

Yes, 7 drawer tool boxes – single drawer tool boxes in medium, large, XL, and rolling XL sizes, and XL drawers also in 2, 3, and 4 drawer configurations.

There will be 2 rolling tool boxes, compact and full-width organizers, compact and full-width crates, tool boxes, compact tool boxes, first aid kits, a work surface, attachments, and so much more.

For mobility, there will be the rolling tool boxes, a hand cart, convertible hand cart, 4-wheel dolly, and the Transporter system that can double as a work surface.

Other modular tool storage brands have coolers. ToughBuilt’s has a water cooler. And a cargo carrier. I mention the cargo carrier, because that seems like the perfect place for the water cooler at a jobsite.

Looking at everything ToughBuilt will be introducing over the next 12 months, it’s as if they asked every single modular tool storage user – and every potential user – what they wanted from a system.

As mentioned at the start of the post, ToughBuilt claims that StackTech will offer unrivaled functionality and set a new industry standard.

Do you agree with this? From what I’ve seen so far, I certainly do.