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Dewalt 20V Max 3Ah Battery Gets a Makeover and Hot Deal Bundle Price

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It looks like Dewalt gave their 20V Max 3Ah battery a sleek makeover, with a slightly updated housing and new size identification label.

On top of that, it seems we discovered a Holiday 2023 deal on a 4-pack of these batteries.

The Dewalt DCB200 battery definitely has a more modern aesthetic, in my opinion. I also prefer cordless power tool batteries to be clearly labeled with their rated charge capacity, which Dewalt has done here.

This is one of Dewalt’s few remaining 20V Max batteries that has a black housing color without being oil resistant. Oil-resistant batteries, such as the new PowerStack 5ah, have an added pictograph to convey the oil-resistant housing.

As these 3Ah batteries are not oil-resistant, there’s no special graphic on their side label.

Dewalt 20V Max 3Ah Battery Older Style
Dewalt DCB200 Battery (Older Style)

Here’s what the battery originally looked like.

What do you think about the design change?

Dewalt 20V Max 3Ah Battery New Style 4-Pack

As for the hot deal, Acme Tools has the 20V Max 3Ah battery 4-pack for $159. I presume this to be a holiday 2023 deal.

$159 for 4x 3Ah batteries seems like a good price.

Use coupon code TOOLGUYD for an additional $10 off. The code is good for $10 off $79+ and allows for one use per customer. It resets every 30 days.

So that’s $149 for 4x 3Ah batteries (with TOOLGUYD coupon), plus $6.49 flat rate shipping or free shipping on orders $199 and up.

I think this is a good deal for users who want to equip a bunch of light to medium duty 20V Max cordless power tools with fully charged batteries at the same time.

Dewalt 20V Max Power Tool Bundle Deal DCB324-4

If this deal isn’t for you, Amazon has a Dewalt 20V Max battery 4-pack, with 2x 2Ah and 2x 4Ah batteries, for $179.

So that’s 4 batteries with a total charge capacity of 12Ah for under $160 with shipping from Acme Tools (and after $10 discount), or 4 different batteries with a total charge capacity of 12Ah for $179 at Amazon.

I’d say the Acme deal is better.

Last year, Dewalt’s best Black Friday deals featured 2x compact 3Ah batteries for $99, the 2Ah and 4Ah mixed capacity 4-pack for $159, and a 6Ah battery 2-pack for $179.

$159 for the 4-pack seems like the standard deal for 2023, and our $10 coupon softens the blow to your wallet just a little more.