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EGO 56V Cordless 9-Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum

EGO Expands Its 56V Lifestyle Lineup With a Wet/Dry Vacuum

EGO has produced some heavy hitters in the OPE world with its 56V lineup, providing battery-powered lawn care solutions for homeowners and Pros alike. Now the brand is branching off into the lifestyle sector, adding several 56V cordless items to its catalog. We’re looking at EGO’s first iteration of Wet Dry Vacuum to see what it offers for your home or shop.

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EGO Wet Dry Vacuum Performance

  • Model: EGO WDV0904
  • 9-gallon capacity
  • Delivers up to 110 CFM
  • Up to 100-inch lift
  • Filter cleaning function
  • Three power modes
  • Remote power control
  • Up to 60 minutes of runtime
  • Brushless motor

The EGO WDV0904 wet-dry vacuum uses a brushless motor to deliver up to 110 CFM of suction and 100 inches of water lift. It has a tank capacity of 9 gallons. As a wet/dry vacuum, it can clean up both liquid messes and dry debris.

The WDV0904 features three power modes, with runtimes of up to 60 minutes on Eco mode, 30 minutes on High, and 20 minutes on Turbo. You can also control the power mode onboard or with the remote buttons on the hose end.

Additionally, this vacuum includes a filter self-cleaning function that keeps the filter clean for more efficient suction.

EGO Wet Dry Vacuum Design

  • Onboard nozzle and extension storage
  • Several nozzles, hoses, and attachments included
  • Rugged back wheels and locking front castors
  • Carrying handle

The WDV0904 wet dry vacuum comes equipped with several nozzles and hoses to help with a variety of cleaning tasks. Onboard storage slots also let you keep all of your accessories with you while you’re cleaning.

This model features back wheels and locking front castors to help you freely move around your work area. Finally, a carrying handle at the tool’s top enables you to lift it up for storage or transport.

EGO Wet Dry Vacuum Price

EGO has not yet provided the official release date for this vacuum at the time of writing. We will continue to update this article with pricing information as it becomes available, so make sure to check back as we get closer to the release date.