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New Craftsman OVERDRIVE Mechanics Tools – Hands-On

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Craftsman is launching a new line of OVERDRIVE mechanics tools, designed for auto enthusiasts and professionals facing tight and challenging work environments, as well as rusted, rounded, or over-torqued fasteners.

At launch, the Craftsman OVERDRIVE line of mechanics tool will feature new mechanics tool sets, ratchets, and combination wrench sets.

Craftsman OVERDRIVE ratchets, sockets, and wrenches will all have upgraded features.

Note: Craftsman is a ToolGuyd sponsor.

Craftsman Overdrive – Introduction

Craftsman Overdrive Ratchet Used on Car Engine

Craftsman’s new OVERDRIVE ratchets introduce 180-tooth gearing that delivers a smaller arc swing.

The arc swing is just 2°, compared to 2.5° for 144T ratchets, 3° for 120T ratchets, and 4° for 90T ratchets.

The minimal arc swing can be impactful for working in constricted spaces, and Craftsman says it will not compromise the strength or longevity of the tool.

Craftsman Overdrive Wrench Used on Car Engine

The new sockets and wrenches are designed for improved fastener grip.

The OVERDRIVE sockets will feature Tight Torque Gripping Technology for rounding prevention and enhanced performance when used on fasteners that are already damaged and/or rounded.

Similar gripping technology has also been added to the 6pt box ends of the combination wrenches.

Craftsman added ridges to the wrenches’ open ends, enabling them to securely grip fasteners
that have been rounded up to 50%, and the sockets and wrench box ends can grip damaged hex fasteners that have been rounded up to 70%.

Craftsman Overdrive Mechanics Tool Set CMMT99080L

Craftsman Overdrive mechanics tool set cases will sport a new look.

Craftsman Overdrive Metric Wrench Set

The wrenches will also have long panel forging, with the long length allowing for increased leverage.

Craftsman Overdrive Ratchets

Craftsman Overdrive 180T Ratchet Head Closeup

Craftsman sent over an Overdrive mechanics tool set to test out, and I started with the 180T ratchets.

When working in tight spaces, where you don’t have much room to swing a ratchet, a finer swing arc can make a difference in how long it takes to complete a task.

Or, in some cases, a finer swing arc means less hassle, where you don’t have to dig around for different tools or worse – disassemble more than you have to in order to create the clearance you need.

180T gearing means the ratchet gearing can return with a 2° minimal swing arc.

Craftsman Overdrive 180T Ratchets in 3 Sizes

The set I received included 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ ratchets, all with 180T gearing.

All three ratchets also feature a quick-release ball detent and full-polish handles.

Craftsman says that the 180T gearing and minimal 2° swing arc will not compromise the strength or longevity of the ratchets.

Craftsman Overdrive Sockets

Craftsman Overdrive 6pt Socket Closeup

The Craftsman Overdrive ratchets feature what the brand calls Tight Torque Gripping Technology.

Basically, the 6pt hex sockets are shaped to engage with fasteners without damaging them, and can engage with damaged and partially rounded sockets without slipping.

I like the design so far, and they seem to work as well as advertised. I can see these sockets becoming my go-to’s for breaker bar tasks.

The size markings are clear, with no complaints there.

I should add that ALL of the sockets in the set I received have the special gripping technology, down to the 1/4″ drive 1/4″ and 6mm sockets.

Craftsman Overdrive Wrenches

Craftsman Overdrive Tools with Ratchet Wrenches and Socket

Craftsman will be launching Overdrive combination wrenches in SAE and metric sizes. There will be several wrench set options, and the larger mechanics tool sets will also include a selection of mixed sizes.

These are all long-pattern wrenches, which gives you more leverage and reach.

Craftsman Overdrive Wrench Open End Closeup

The wrenches have grooves and contouring in the open end, which are designed to provide improved grip, rounding prevention, and better engagement with damaged fasteners.

This type of feature is usually reserved for top-priced tool truck-branded wrenches.

Craftsman Overdrive Wrench Open End Bottom Jaw Closeup

The lower jaw is contoured a little differently and also helps to prevent slipping and rounding.

In my experience and analysis so far, the wrenches do a great job. This is Craftsman’s take on a proven professional-grade feature, and it seems to work very well.

Craftsman Overdrive Wrench 6pt Box End Closeup

The 6pt box end has similar gripping technology as the Overdrive sockets.

I am more of a 6pt hex socket and 12pt box end combination wrench type of user, but I plan on making these wrenches a permanent part of my kit. Improved engagement on rounded fasteners decreases the chance I’ll have to resort to Vise-Grip pliers or similar.


I’ll be testing the new Overdrive tools for a while, and as they were provided as part of Craftsman being a ToolGuyd sponsor (thank you!), I’m considering them for-keeps rather than as a review sample.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Pricing and Availability

Craftsman OVERDRIVE Mechanics Tool Sets

  • 49pc Tool Set (CMMT99049L) – $114.98
  • 64pc Tool Set with VersaStack Case (CMMT99064) – $124.98
  • 80pc Tool Set (CMMT99080L) – $159.98
  • 99pc Tool Set (CMMT99099) – $174.98
  • 121pc Tool Set (CMMT99121L) – $209.98
  • 154pc Tool Set (CMMT99154L) – $244.98
  • 284pc Tool Set (CMMT99284) – $379.98

Craftsman 180T OVERDRIVE Pear Head Ratchets

  • 1/4″ (CMMT82110) – $34.98
  • 3/8″ (CMMT82111) – $39.98
  • 1/2″ (CMMT82113) – $49.98

Craftsman OVERDRIVE Wrench Sets

  • 7pc SAE (CMMT87707) – $44.98
  • 7pc Metric (CMMT87807) – $44.98
  • 11pc SAE (CMMT87711) – $74.98
  • 11pc Metric (CMMT87811) – $74.98

You can find the new Craftsman OVERDRIVE tools at Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, and other Craftsman dealers.

Craftsman is a ToolGuyd sponsor and provided the product samples featured in this post.