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Obsessed Garage Shared their Stance on Customer Reviews

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Obsessed Garage is an enthusiast supplier of high-end tool storage products, garage cabinets, automotive detailing supplies, and everything you need to turn a garage into a drool-worthy and productive workshop.

A lot of the products they carry aren’t for those with light wallets.

Obsessed Garage Organized Layout Hand Tool Drawer

I’ve never shopped at Obsessed Garage, but I enjoy seeing their well-organized setups on social media.

It seems they explore garage storage and auto detailing and care products, and sell the ones they like most. Makes sense.

I came across a recent video clip of theirs on social media, and well…

Here’s the question:

Will you ever have reviews for products in your store?

And their answer, if you didn’t watch the video above:

No. Never.

Freaking never.

Why would I want a bunch of idiots who I taught about the product, talking about the product they don’t know anything about?

It’s so dumb.

The only people who leave reviews are weirdos that like leaving reviews, or people who are mad because something bad happened.

They just may have just had a bad bad luck.

Yeah, never in a million trillion years would I have reviews on the website, and they should get rid of all reviews on every website forever.

In my opinion, that’s a bit harsh.

They backtracked a bit when called out in the comments:

The people I’m referring to are the ones who leave reviews on something that they haven’t taken time to learn about.

A majority of the people that buy from my store are much more intelligent than that.

Customer reviews on retailers’ websites can be pretty bad.

Some of the tool and other product reviews I’ve seen read like someone ranting about how the spoon they bought won’t cut a steak, husk a coconut, or scoop spaghetti out of a pot.

Or, it’s like how someone on Yelp will complain that they ordered takeout and the fries were cold after a 20-minute car ride home.

When shopping for products, I’ll sometimes find some helpful user reviews, but it takes work to filter out the useless noise. The better reviews are often buried between rants from uninformed users – yes, it can be normal to see sparks inside brand new cordless power tools with brushed motors! – shills, nonsensically aggerated reviews about unrelated products, those with an agenda against the brand or retailer, and reviews that have 10X more words than necessary.

But Obsessed Garage sells high-priced premium products to enthusiasts, and maybe also businesses that serve high-end customers. They’re not selling cheap disposable gear.

If shopping at an upscale retailer selling things like a $12,000 row of cabinets with a custom wood workbench surface, I’d want to hear from other customers, at least about what the delivery and installation experience was like.

Ignoring how they phrased it, are they wrong? What do you think about retailers’ customer reviews?