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This Craftsman TradeStack Tool Bag is on Sale

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I was looking for something else when I came across this Craftsman TradeStack open mouth tool tote, on sale for $49.98.

The Craftsman tool bag measures 21″ long x 12.5″ wide x 12″ wide, making it a fairly large-sized tote-style tool bag.

it has a large fold-down handle and both internal and external pockets and compartments.

Craftsman TradeStack Tool Bag Filled with Tools

The bag looks to hold a decent amount of tools, with the product image showing the tool bag filled with a mix of power tools and hand tools.

From Lowe’s product listing, it looks like the list price on this tool bag (CMST21451) was $90. Amazon says the bag had a typical price of $72.98, with online price trackers showing that the price was $90 for a bit, with mid-$70ish pricing in between.

The current $49.98 price looks to be the all-time low for this tool bag, but it also looks like it’s been at this price for a couple of weeks.

The tool bag has a double wall structure, free-standing waterproof base, 1680D construction, removable divider, and a shoulder strap.

There are 57 organizer pockets in total.

It’s part of the Craftsman TradeStack modular tool storage system, but can be standalone.

Who’s sold on it?

Price: $49.98

I tend to like bags of this general style, and I don’t see any gotcha’s.

Compared some of the other open-style tool bags I have seen, the folding handle can be a convenience when inserting or removing bulkier tools or supplies.

Keeping in mind the large size of the tool bag, $50 seems like a great price.