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Huge Modular Tool Box Launches are Coming Soon

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As the title says, huge modular tool box and accessory launches are coming soon.

Based on what I’ve seen, I don’t think anyone should be buying into a new modular tool box system right now.

If you didn’t buy into a modular tool system already, and you don’t know which brand’s tool box or storage system might be best for you, my advice is to WAIT. Learn more about what’s coming out, and then decide.

I recently spoke to managers at 2 different brands about their modular storage product roadmaps, and just received news about another brand new system.

With the preview of yet another upcoming line, I started off thinking “oh no, more?”, but as I scrolled through the slides, I saw very compelling unique storage products.

Maybe you’ve made a decision, or already bought into a modular tool box system, such as Dewalt ToughSystem 2.0, Milwaukee Packout (shown above), Ridgid Pro Gear 2.0, or similar.

There are always holiday season deals, discounts, and bonus freebie promotions. Wait a couple of weeks and then expand or buy into the system of your choice. There’s a good chance you’ll save money if you just wait a little.

If you can’t wait, do you have to.

So to sum it up:

If you already bought into a storage system, wait for holiday deals and savings before you buy more.

If you did not buy into a storage system, but have been planning to, wait until companies show their cards. Big launches and expansions are coming up.

Based on the launch preview info packet I received today, I can say that I’d be kicking myself if I bought into a new modular tool box system yesterday.

There are ways to mix and match storage products from different brands, but most users prefer sticking with just one brand of modular tool boxes and accessories.

I realize this is all very vague, but I cannot share any details yet. My intent is to save some of you from buyer’s remorse. Hopefully you can understand that.