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New Ox Tools UltraStrike Anti-Vibration Hammers

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Ox Tools is launching a new line of UltraStrike hammers, featuring an anti-vibration design and and unique styling.

According to Ox Tools, the bridged neck design dissipations vibration and strike shock, reducing the strain on users.

Ox Tools Hammers 2023 Expansion

Ox Tools started off with a 20oz framing hammer with smooth face, and are soon adding 7 additional styles.

  • 20oz framing hammer w/ smooth face (OX-P087320)
  • 25oz framing hammer w/ smooth face (OX-P087325)
  • 20oz framing hammer w/ milled face (OX-P087020)
  • 25oz framing hammer w/ milled face (OX-P087025)
  • 28oz framing hammer w/ milled face (OX-P087028)
  • 30oz framing hammer w/ milled face (OX-P087030)
  • 20oz brick hammer (OX-P086920)
  • 3lb club hammer (OX-P086803)

I asked Ox Tools how their new hammers differ from the many other anti-vibration hammers already on the market today. They said:

The main differentiating features with our anti-vibration hammers are the additional surface area and reduced weight with the bridged neck which allows the vibrations to dissipate quicker.

Ox Tools UltraStrike Framing Hammer Grip Closeup

All of the Ox Tools Pro UltraStrike hammers feature an ergonomic non-slip rubber grip for a secure hold and user comfort.

The framing hammers also feature a straight rip-style claw and magnetic nail starter.

Ox Tools also says that the hammers are designed to yield a more powerful striking force, which looks to be supported by the slim-style neck.

In their product description for the 20oz hammer, Ox Tools says:

Gapped bridge neck leaves more weight at the head of the hammer, giving it a stronger striking force for its weight.

This suggest that the hammers are styled in the same manner as other brands’ high velocity hammers. The general idea is to reduce the mass where possible in the handle, to decrease swing effort for a faster strike with greater impact energy and momentum.

Price: $39 – $53
ETA: October 2023 (20oz smooth face is available now)
Availability: Amazon and participating dealers

Ox Tools has other hammers on the market. If you want an UltraStrike, look for the truss-style bridged neck.


Ox Tools UltraStrike Framing Hammer Bridged Design Closeup

If we take a closer look at the “bridged neck,” there does look to be a bit of weight savings. I couldn’t say how this contributions to vibration damping, but it should lower the swing effort a little.

The framing hammers also have a large hole bored just beyond the face, and we can only guess as to its purpose.

Ox Tools UltraStrike Framing Hammer Top Grip

It looks like Ox Tools put some effort into the handle grip.

One thing I find curious is that all of Ox Tools’ new UltraStrike framing hammers look to have around the same length.

Ox Tools UltraStrike Framing Hammers 20oz vs 30oz Size Comparison

They showed off their 20oz and 30oz hammers together in social media videos, and I was surprised to see that the head size and shape was the only glaring difference.

Typically, heavier framing hammers are longer than lighter ones, but the same doesn’t appear to be true here.