Dewalt Launched an Oil-Resistant PowerStack 5Ah Battery

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Dewalt has launched a new oil-resistant 20V Max PowerStack 5Ah battery, DCBP520G.

Essentially, this is the same as their standard PowerStack 5Ah battery, but with an oil-resistant housing.

Dewalt’s oil-resistant batteries feature housings made from glass-filled nylon. This helps them hold up better in environments where they might come in contact with oil, grease, or certain solvents.

Here is what Dewalt says for the compact PowerStack battery, with the same likely to apply to this 5Ah battery.

DURABILITY TO RESIST DAMAGE: Recommended for work involving regular exposure to oil, grease and solvents

The new battery joins several other Dewalt 20V Max oil-resistant batteries:

  • PowerStack Compact 1.7Ah – DCBP034G
  • 2Ah – DCB203G
  • 5Ah – DCB205G
  • Flexvolt 9Ah – DCB609G

Dewalt also has 2 sizes of 12V Max oil-resistant batteries, 3Ah (DCB124G) and 5Ah (DCB126G).

Price: $249-269


Needless to say, this is a “you’ll know if you need it type of battery.”

It features the same Li-ion pouch battery cells as the standard PowerStack 5Ah battery, but is built with a more oil and grease-resistant case.

I’d say that the battery is suited for users in automotive environment and the like, especially anyone who has had experienced issues with non-resistant batteries.

Dewalt launched their 20V Max and 12V Max oil-resistant batteries in 2021, and the PowerStack 1.7Ah battery launched about a year ago.

For the sake of price comparison purposes, the standard PowerStack 5Ah battery, DCBP520, retails for $229 at authorized dealers. You can usually buy it for less as part of different promotional offers.

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