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New Ideal Wago-Like Lever Wire Connectors

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Ideal has launched new Wago-style “In-Sure” lever wire connectors, designed to be a “modern alternative to traditional strip or terminal connectors.”

Ideal stops short of describing these for what they really are, alternatives to wire nuts.

These connectors can be used with stranded and solid copper wires from 12 to 24 AWG.

Ideal Lever Lock 3-Position Wiring Connectors

The Ideal lever-style wire nuts feature a translucent housing, built-in strip length gauge, and integrated continuity test probe ports on the front and rear.

They’re rated up to 600V and 20A.

Ideal says that their wire connectors have a two-stage wire lock.

Ideal Lever Lock Wiring Connectors

The Ideal In-Sure level wire connectors are available in three sizes, to fit 2, 3, or 5 conductors.

Pricing & Availability

  • 2-conductor (L22) – $7.48 for 10-pack
  • 3-conductor (L23) – $8.48 for 10-pack
  • 5-conductor (L25) – $10.98 for 10-pack

Home Depot has the full line on their website, and is offering free shipping.

Ideal In-Sure Lever Wire Connector Think Blue

Ideal wants everyone to “Think Blue,” but frankly all I see is orange.

Wago 221 Lever Nuts

It’s obvious that Ideal’s In-Sure product was heavily inspired by Wago 221-series Lever-Nuts wiring connectors.

The Ideal product is different in how it has a milky-white housing, rather than clear, and reverse-direction levers. The Wago 221 levers close in the direction of the wires, and the Ideal In-Sure levers close in the opposite direction.

Wago has various accessories for their Lever-Nuts, such as DIN rail and surface mounting brackets. They also have a more recent inline 2-conductor product. It’s unknown at this time whether Ideal has similar products planned for their new lever-style wire connectors.