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The Bucket Boss Drill Bit Case Didn’t Work Out for Me

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The Bucket Boss Bitkeeper is a somewhat unique drill bit case.

I remember looked at this novel drill bit organizer and thinking “wow I could totally use that!”

I purchased my Bucket Boss drill bit holder back on 2007 for $2.50. At that price, why not?

The photos on this page were taken in 2012. Yep, after 5 years it showed no wear because it saw zero use.

Bucket Boss Drill Bit Keeper Open

It wasn’t that this was a bad product – I actually really liked the design – but that it didn’t serve my needs.

This bit holder has two sizes of drill bit slots, plus another compartment at the bottom for screwdriver bits, socket bit adapters, or other like-sized accessories.

Fast forward to present times – 2023 – I gave it away recently in a bulk donation box. Or at least I think so. If not, it’s in one remaining bin filled with gear that’s waiting to be passed along to new users.

I reacquainted myself with the Bucket Boss drill bit holder somewhat regularly over the years, every time I sorted through my assortment of unused tools and miscellaneous gear.

Not a single time did I think “I really could have used that recently.”

My drilling and driving tasks tend to change often, depending on the project. I think that this drill bit holder would work a lot better for the type of user that rotates between the same couple of drill bits for repetitive projects.

For my needs, small bit indexes tend to work better.

Bucket Boss Drill Bit Keeper Belt Clip

My version has a belt clip at the back.

Bucket Boss Drill Bit Keeper 2023 Model

The newer model is a bit different. It has a more streamlined design, with no bulk pocket. There’s a loop at the top, and a large pass-through belt loop.

It’s unsurprising that Bucket Boss updated the design a bit, seeing as how 16 years passed since I bought mine.

I liked the idea of it, but the accessory case just wasn’t practical for my purposes, and I never even saw any opportunities to try to force it. In 16 years, not once did it come in handy.

I say all this because I think the Bucket Boss drill bit holder is a neat and potentially useful product, just not for me.

Am I being too generous? In trying my best to avoid tunnel vision or a “if it’s not for me it must be junk” type of mindset, am I seeing utility where there is none?

Can YOU see potential usefulness here?